Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mini Backpack Day 2

Sew a casing wide enough to allow your ribbon to glide through, about 1" wide.  Open the seams, use a seam ripper and cut the stitches.  I like to back stitch 3-4 times on the casing stitch line where it crosses the side seams.   This is about the only pressure point for use of the backpack.  You need to open the seam allowances flat before your fold the casing over.  This will allow the seams to open and the ribbon to thread through.   Use 60" of ribbon for each side.  Thread one through each side opening of casing to make a complete loop around the backpack casing.  Tuck the ribbon end inside the bag turned inside out and allow the ends to peak out of the small 1/2" opening, as seen in the picture below.  Sew across the ends several times.  (What?  You can't see that in my great photo?)

When you turn the bag right side out,  you will see the double ribbons in the correct location.
 Sew across them again within the 5/8" space of 4 layers.  This is the place that I began to sew on the bows.  I tied the bows then sewed them on "like crazy", so they will stay put, and stay cute.

  I put with drawing paper, colored pencils and stickers inside for my lovely little 5 year old niece.

Adjust the size for an older child.  15"x40" will be large enough for a teen.  Increase the ribbon length to 70" or 80" each.  Merry sewing,  Mary Lou

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