Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How to: A Backpack for a 5 Year Old

 This is a simple backpack for a cute little 5 year old.

 The draw strings are a favorite, ribbon with dots.

I designed the pocket and sewed it onto the rectangle before doing side seams.  It became a cute sideways smile so I added a bow.

Start with a rectangle fabric, a tight weave, pant weight works well.   For this small bag I used a beginning size of 12" X 36".  Zigzag stitch to overlock the edge, or serger. 

Fold the cloth in half.  Sew the sides, but leave 1/2" open at the bottom fold.  This will be the place to insert the ribbon used as a draw string.  Sew the seams down with a straight stitch at the top 1-2".    Make a casing of 1-2" then open the seam to allow for ribbons to thread through, as a loop from each side.    Part 2 tomorrow.
 ~ Mary Lou


  1. I love this. Maybe even an extremely challenged sewer could sew this. So cute!

    1. Ya. Not to challenging for the feeling challenged sewer.. Ha. Thanks for looking at my page. See ya soon.


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