Monday, April 23, 2012


Here is a family story:   As a child our auntie was not the most clear in her speech.  She was old enough to have a pretty complex thought, but she did not have the speech to match.  So.. one day she felt very impressed to express her idea.  It went like this:

"I like durse, dumdy, and madastoff.  I like dandy but I like dot dandy the most."

Now for the interpretation:  

I like sugar, honey, and molasses.  I like candy but I like chocolate candy the most.

This little story is iconic as to the many quotes that weave in and around my childhood memories springing from my mom's stories. stories are an expression of love.  Long live funny family stories.  Our mother had a simple journaling system!  My mom used the calendar that hung on the kitchen wall for a temporary record.  Then she recorded the cute saying into a permanent journal after several entries.  It was as instant way to keep a record of our childhood cuteness.     What a treasure.  She recorded that I proudly announce, upon returning from a shopping day with an aunt:  "We had dinner in a restroom."  Yum!    (I was not sure of the two: restroom or restaurant.)

Now you know that my blog title is not just "dot dandy",  It's CHOCOLATE CANDY!   As chocolate candy is a favorite for so many I hope my blog will be a favorite for many as well.  Already it's a favorite thing of mine.  Often someone in our family will request some "dandy or dot dandy."

It's a keeper.

Merry chocolate candy enjoyment, 


  1. I love your blog Mary, and it was beaut to see how your name for it evolved... a really nice sharing of your childhood.
    Your Mom's way of recording childhood sayings - just the bestest!!
    Thanks for your visit to my blog - I shall enjoy popping over to yours :D)
    Cheers, Susan

    1. Hi Susan...thank you so much. You are my only comment on my dot dandy..Hee ee. I'm new to this blogging world and an really loving it. I wrote to you on some later blogs, missed this..thank you for stopping by. Your umbrella pic is cute. Love your blog.


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