Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Beautiful Name

it brings thoughts of Christmas, a favorite celebration.  Think of a merry-go-round,  a thrill ride for the little ones, and merry making, a term not heard often.  We don't say merry birthday, but I plan to think about it more.  How about merry morning?  Ha.  

I originally chose marydotdandy, since my name is Mary.   Merry will have a sense of wishing every one well.  Merry, a happy friendly greeting to you all.  

Years ago I left Salt Lake City to live in Boston. There I learned another thing about merry.  And about Mary and marry.  Here in Utah,  if you say marry, mary or merry they all sound exactly alike.  If you can hear the difference, merry for you.  I have printed the dictionary pronunciation as follows:  

Mary 1 |ˈme(ə)rē|    marry 1 |ˈmarē|    merry |ˈmerē

See!  They are each different.  I can hear the difference but can I say them differently? NO..ugh.  

Here is a merry holiday picture to share on a merry happy day to post in my merry blog.

I hope if you have been here, you will remember how merry it was for you.                  Guest question:  Were is this location of the world?

XOXO,   Mary

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