Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Clouds On Clouds

Welcome to summer?!  

Once Memorial Day is done the swimming pools all open.  
We can know the Spring weather may not last, and we may have some summer days that will be HOT.
I LOVE Spring, and it is a little short sometimes.  Official Summer begins about June 21, I think.  So, hang onto your hat, or sun hat.
I took this picture in the middle of Summer, 2011.  
It was a lovely day in Cache Valley, Utah, one of my favorite Summer places.  

There! So much for the weather report, or season report. 

 What is your favorite thing about Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter?  
What are your vacation plans for this season?  
When do you plan to make vacation plans? Is it time to plan yet? 

Merry Spring, 


  1. This was written in such a nice poetic form. Remember our take on clouds? (it had something to do with buses?) hahahaha

  2. Hi Mary, thanks for the lovely comment. I promise I followed you home the first time. I just got bumped to the back page. If you'd like to join a bloggers group just click the GBE2 link on my blog and jump in. You can do the weekly prompt or just link to your posts.

    Lovely picture. My favorite day is partly cloudy, breezy and sixty degrees, though my favorite season is winter. Take care -Kelly

  3. That sky was gorgeous. Let's see - I love fall, spring, winter, and then summer. Can't say I love the high 90's+ in the summer. Does Utah get really hot - do you like it hot? lol sandie

  4. Beautiful photo!! I am not sure of my summer plans yet, but just love the feeling summer brings!! Happy Tuesday! xo Heather

  5. Those look like summer clouds alright! Beautiful! I just get happy that the weather is so nice in summer. I like it hot. No big travel plans. But I would like to get to the woods. So nice you came by!

  6. I take many picnics in summer and I run away to somewhere warm in the winter.
    I love that photo of the clouds. Gorgeous.

  7. The clouds you have captured look like they are uttering something. They look so alive, so vivid!


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