Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Moon Food

What do these two photos have in common?

I worked in my friends bakery on Saturday.  I was on duty all by myself.  I formed these sweet rolls, according to direction from the baker, then she left and I then baked them and frosted them. These photoed are not made for the media.  It makes me realize what particulars the photo people do to create pictures for media, ads, packaging, magazines or t v.     Oooh, so much!

Photo 2...

taken Sunday PM... it does not in any way show the grand beauty of the moon these past nights.  I include it with this post.     Both items are round and whitish.

I know...how can you tell this is the moon?   
I don't know?  
I just is.  Haaa haa.

Merry moon gazing,  Mary


  1. That is a better moon picture than mine

    1. Ha thanks, the photographer in me says thanks. The usually out of focus photographer.

  2. Sadly the almost unbroken cloud in England means we won't see this moon I keep hearing about! :)

  3. Oh those rolls look so yummy! I saw some pictures of the moon in other countries this morning, it looked huge! It's a shame we can't see it properly here in England :)

  4. Welcome to blogging! Yes, food photography is an art. But so is baking! Love your moon photo. We saw that big moon on the horizon a couple of nights ago. Enormous! Nice to know you came by!

  5. They're both round :D

    The sweet rolls look delicious! It must taste better than those advertised because it is made with love <3

    Have a blessed day!


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