Monday, May 14, 2012

One Bird on a Perch

Here he is, cute little sparrow.  This is the new bird feeder outside the window.  There is hope to have more birds other than sparrows come to the feeder, but so far, only sparrows.  We have doves, and quail, with occasional woodpeckers and a few others in our garden.   I'm not an official bird watcher,  however, I have learned to observe birds.   I see hawks perched atop street lights when my passengers in the car miss them.   What kind of birds do you see in your neighborhood?  Did you do a bird report in 2nd grade?  Mine was on barn swallows.  I cannot say I have seen many of those, but if I do I will know all about them.

Merry bird watching, and happy spring day,  Mary


  1. Mary, I, too, "observe" birds. I especially love the little chickadees, who are easy to train to eat out of your hand. Thanks for sharing your birdfeeder with us!

  2. We get sparrows and woodpeckers and red kite plus blue tits, coal tits, black caps, wood pigeon, swallows and house martins plus a load of others I don't know. Wood peckers love peanuts so if you get a mesh feeder for peanuts you might get the woodpeckers to come closer to the house.

  3. Seeing quite the variety of birds this year. The orange suet cakes seem to attract the most colorful. :)

  4. Hello,,,
    So cute little bird, they so nice to look at it is very good entertainment.
    There's so much fun with fun new blog friends.

    Good Friday, Marit.

  5. Love the picture, Mary, too cute. Goes perfectly with my bird children graphics. ;) And the cucumber salad looks delicious.
    Thank you for stopping by.
    Much love,


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