Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sat Chics

Saturday!  A very favorite day of the week, the catch up on stuff to do day. It's a happy blogging day.  It's a shop, you think that's boring, day?

My little hens here are chatting about the sunshine and thinking about where to get more food.

But speaking of sat..Saturday.  Blackie, here pictured, loves to sit on eggs and has sat on numerous occasions. Hint to Blackie, "we do not have a rooster, none of those eggs sat on would ever hatch."  She is so dedicated that she forgets to eat.  She gets all "broodie" a few times a year.  I chase her off her nest to collect eggs and see to it that she gets some water and food.  Silly girl.  The others act like she is a bit off, as well.  Ah, nature, what do you know about it?  What is the viewpoint of a chicken in search of food, comfort and egg production?  What encounters have you ever had with fowl?

Merry birdwatching, Mary


  1. I wish my hens would get broody because we have a rooster and none of them have the instinct. Is your hen an Easter egger? They like to brood. So plump and pretty they are!

    1. We thought she was a little crazy, then we went to the feed store. The chicken expert there said, "Oh, you've got one that's gone broodie on you." Then we understood her.

  2. Just love your hens Mary. Beautiful photo.
    It seems that broodie instinct is so powerful in some. We had one particular hen who 'sat' to the real detriment of her own health. They kind of get in a real zoned-out state and are oblivious to everything else. Guess you'd call it a basic instinct and that's just how it is!


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