Friday, May 11, 2012

Up Close Posies

 This is a photo I took today, I have these peonies in one sunny area of the garden.  Right now the best color stars of the show are these.  Up coming I will have photos of our flowering tree, soon to be in full bloom.  

I love the spring flowering renewal. 

I once lived in California, where to me, it felt like summer all year.  You who live in snow and ice may think of this the way I do.   I have lived with snowy seasons all of my life, and as a kid I played in the snow out-of-doors, in the school day.  We all came into the school room after recess with wet feet and shoes, as a matter of routine during winter.  So ..what's a little sleet, snow or slippery ice?"  When living in California, I spent a season as a substitute school teacher.  One day it rained and the students ask me if they would be able to go out for recess.  I looked out to see the rain had stopped and thought, no problem, so I said "yes, you can."  Little did I know that should have been a clue, ...if the kids ask, they are pushing you to let them do something borderline bad.   Oh, did I get the scolding from the neighboring teacher.  "Why did you let them go out?"  I replied, "it looked fine to me."  She scolded..."there are PUDDLES!"    Puddles?  puddles!  I grew up in puddles!??!

Merry flower blooming season,  Mary

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