Friday, May 4, 2012

What is Gray, Soft and Noisy?

She is an inside cat who loves to go out-of-doors often, for a short time,  never too long, as she is distrustful of out-of-doors.  

We rescued her this past winter from being a "lost" cat for about 5 months.  Our neighbor brought her to us, to see if we would take care of her.  We had not a clue she was homeless..just another "passing cat," we had hardly noticed. 

 Now she is a cuddly, cute, creature of our domicile.

She is mostly gray, she is soft and her noise is not very much.
She mews for a treat in the morning after her first jaunt into the morning air.

Yes, this is her.

 Our recently acquired little "Apple" - short for a much longer name. 

She's a little skeptical looking in this picture.  Is it the grass or could it be weeds she looks to distain? 

Merry cat watching,  yours or others,
Mary Lou

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