Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What Is That?

Well you are right it's some earth, the ground, dirt, soil....that is going to be my garden. 

I know I need to get the planting done.  I bought some already half grown tomato plants to start.

 Yeah for garden. 

I hope the most labor intensive part is completed!  More to report on later.  

 Do you plant a garden?  
Container garden?  
Buy at a farmers market?  
Eat only organic?  
Wait for someone to suggest salad before you get your greens for the week?

I wonder what comments may come on my garden start?  


  1. We have quite a lot of veggies growing now in fact the runner beans seem to have flowers on. I am sure it is far too early, the peas and potatoes are doing OK also and our tomatoes are planted in the greenhouse.

    As for salad we have been eating our own for about six weeks now, but this is the advantage of a greenhouse, you can get things early

  2. I put in a few tomatoes and planted some birdhouse gourd seeds, but that's about it for this year.

  3. I knew that was the garden plot! I've been gardening lots this week. I got the large flower container planted that sits at the front step. I've been working on the raised beds and yes, my four tomato plants are planted and doing well - blossoms on one of them. The peppers got thrown in yesterday, and today the beans, cabbages, and brussels sprouts are getting planted. So much to do, but I do a bit at a time and it isn't so overwhelming. I'm easily overwhelmed! I can't resist a coleus whenever I'm out and about, and think I have to have every single variety that's out there. Then I have to find a place to plant them all. I hope you have loads of fun planting that garden. Now get busy! happy day to you.

  4. I don't have a garden, but look forward to having one soon!! I eat only organic veggies and fruits!! Happy Wednesday! xo Heather

  5. Good luck with your garden! We have a large one, but it's starting out slow this year. Only the peas are really thriving so far.

  6. I love love love my of my favorite hobbies! herbs are the easiest then I think tomatoes and peppers....once you harvest your first will be hooked...have fun!

  7. Ooh, I love garden posts, excited to see how things come together in your garden!

  8. OMG! i'm so glad i found your blog through Jess' giveaway on Avant Garde living! You grow stuff, bird watch and have little chickys! That's my kinda thing too! xoxo

  9. Looking forward to a great garden you'll have soon with lots of varieties you can use whenever you need an ingredient while cooking! :)

  10. Looks like pretty good dirt! Ours is sandy and aenemic! Best of luck with your planting!

  11. I have a herb garden that I weed on occasion (the weeds are winning though).
    Good luck with your new garden :)

  12. Hi Mary, well, you've made a start and that's always good! This year I have purposely kept my garden patch fairly small because the weeding is what gets a bit much at times if I get too big with my ideas ;D)
    for my Winter Garden, I have planted two Black Russian Kales which we pick individual leaves from and steam - just delicious when they're young and tender. Into the soup pot when they're older.
    Swedes... again a very easy to grow vegie, wonderful for soups, steamed and roasted.
    Lettuces... it always amazes me how sweet the lettuces taste once they've been through a frost. Again, we just pick the leaves we want.
    Finally, some spinach and chives - always winners.
    Have fun and even if you only grow a couple of things, it's still such a kick to eat your own vegies. Cheers and have fun!

  13. Hi Mary - Thanks so much for stopping by yesterday! I planted my garden last week at a space in a community garden. I can't wait to start enjoying fresh produce!


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