Thursday, May 17, 2012

Who Loves Rhubarb?

I do, I do...

Here is my close up on those huge leaves.  

You may say, "what at you waiting for...go pick that rhubarb!"

These stems stand in good company, don't you think.  

I do plan to pick, cook and eat rhubarb in several forms, but I love to see those leaves growing and filling the garden with broad, dark green shade.

I'll get to it.

When was the first time you realized you liked rhubarb?  Do you have a story to go with it?  Have you been to a rhubarb celebration?  What is your best choice to consume some?

My grandmother stewed it...she called that.  Just cooked in a small amount of water with a lot of sugar.  Served warm with cream on it.  

Rhubarb is a classic. 

Merry Spring rhubarb finding,  Mary


  1. I am looking forward to the Rhubarb dish you will prepare. Maybe you can post it too?

    Have a great day! Farida :)

  2. Hi Mary
    I am just delighted to be here, I love your blog. And I too love rhubarb. I cannot recall my first realization that I loved it. I have memories of first tasting cherry, blueberry, strawberry. But not rhubarb. So far this season I've baked a strawberry rhubarb pie. And I just finished the rhubarb cake that I made to take to my mom's for mother's day. I believe that recipe is my favorite - it was given to me many years ago by an elderly neighbor lady. I suspect it had been handed down several generations, and I know why. It's very moist and I can never get enough of it.
    You have a lovely patch growing with tulips. I've set an intention to use every bit of mine this year and not let any go to waste. If I tire of it (which is doubtful) I will freeze the rest so that I have a surprise in the midst of winter. thanks for helping me to recall favorite memories and to think about how much I love this plant. and thanks too for stopping by my blog and saying hello. I truly appreciate that. happy day to you Mary.

  3. Your rhubarb looks beautiful, and yummy!! I like rhubarb pie, and I just saw a recipe for rhubarb and strawberry pie!! Look forward to seeing what you make!! Have a beautiful day! xo Heather

  4. My favorite form of rhubarb is strawberry-rhubarb pie baked by my friend Grace Landis from Clearfield. Oh, how yummy!
    However, I was most astounded to learn just this week that the leaves are poisonous! Who would have thought!

  5. I've never tried rhubarb. Please send pie :)

    1. Thanks for coming by...I would love to...hummm. Thinking about how??? :)

  6. I never liked it as a child, but I do now!!!

  7. Wow so wonderful rhubarb, big beautiful healthy leaves.
    Your tulips are nice too.

    Good new week, Marit.

  8. Can't recall -- but we grew up with it...

    Love how you've mingled tulips with your rhubarb plants. :)

  9. I've already made a rhubarb cake. I used to be unaware of rhubarb's charms. But I'm older and wiser now. Thanks for following!

  10. Hi Mary. Your post rings a bell with me... I currently have rhubarb sitting waiting to be cut and eaten also. Your rhubarb patch looks so much prettier with the tulips alongside :D)
    My Mum used to stew up rhubarb just as your Grandmother did. I'm very interested in the cake that your blogfriends Ms Becky and Sharon mention... will have to investigate!
    Thanks for all your very welcome visits to my blog - your comments are delightful. I am always late in popping over to others' blogs... but I never fail to get there! Cheers for now, Susan :D)


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