Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Play Music Cat

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 No, this is not our cat, but our cat has been know to play the piano. 
 I do not think she is extremely gifted as a musician.  
As a musician, I do not have skills on any instrument. 
 Perhaps my piano playing ranks up there with her's?
Sometimes I notice I have a tune going on in my head....I may be doing a job, washing dishes, driving, waiting in line for my "next" there it is:  Music!  
 I don't need and iPod and headphones! 

What are some favorites that come to you? 
 Do you ever get stuck, and start looping the same one?
Have you ever created your own music? 
 Who is the best audience for your tunes? 
When you sing, does anyone ever say, "um, I wouldn't do that again if I were you?"

Merry humming (to yourself or for of other's enjoyment.) ~ Mary


  1. How funny! Well, we have been watching an old Bob Hope movie, Paleface and throughout the movie you hear 'Buttons and Bows'. Bob Hope even sings it! I have it stuck in my head now! lol

  2. Great poetry on this one. and I love your indecisive vote on my color choice. too funny - Sis!

  3. I generally have some kind of music or talk radio on during the day -- so my own tunes generally don't enter my head! :)

  4. I definitely get songs stuck in my head. I usually have to sing another song to get it out :)

  5. Hi Mary, tried to answer your comments on my blog via email, but it keeps bouncing back. Guess I'll try again later.

  6. Absolutely adorable photo!! Hope your day has been lovely! xo Heather

  7. I just kind of hum to myself and try not to bother anyone else. lol sandie

  8. Hi Mary! Oh, this is a me post! I too always seem to have music in my head! Sometimes at night I'll think of a song and it will play in my head all the next day! That is a darling picture of the kitty at the piano.
    Thanks for following me!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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