Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday 5 Gratefully

You will see, as of the last few days, two new buttons.  The High Five for Friday is a very cute idea found on  It is a reflection of the great things from the past week or so.

My other new button: Skirting the Issue from is a great idea for service.  You are invited to go see each of them.

Cute little toddler skirts.  I love the way their feet are ready for action!

1.  Finding the button for Skirting the Issue.  I like the idea that I can sew some simple skirts for donation to a worthy cause.  I teach school, and often I find from causal conversation, that a student lives in foster care.  I find that to be heart warming and some stories are heart breaking.  So I wish for heart warmers...for all.

2.  Posting 4 out of 5 days!  Including 2 blog hops, as we speak.  The first, Rural Thursday and today with High Five for Friday.  Next week I plan to add Tasty Tuesday.

3.  Visiting with oldest child.  Hugs and kiss on the cheek and good news for him.  Talk about heart warming and loving!  (I know, not much detail, but trust me, it was great.)   Second child is making  great progress in a goal of hers and third child also...all reports have been good this week.  3 for 3 is a winning score!

4.  Painting with friends.   I was able to spend 5 hours in a "painting a painting" experience with two friends.  We each fancy ourselves as artists (cough, cough, wink)  and we enjoy each others, company.  We actually produced  pretty good  likeness from a painting of Kent Wallis.  He is a very good artist and I can see that my painting  likeness is not too much like his.  We had a good time, and I can always put that canvas into the trash bin if it doesn't get better.
5. Blogging aide.  I had a bloggerama (I know, not a real word) with my sis, Renae, at for most of the day, at her house...seated at her new gray desk for those of you who have been watching her blog.  We had a great time.  Her daughter came while I was there, I held LL, (her grandson) and my niece, cooked for us.  The food was welcome, as some of you know, blogging can make you hungry.  And in this same vein, I want to thank Renae for all of her help.  I'm an original "Blogging for Dummies" training wheels blogger, and she helps me!! 

Google Images

Is this me, before getting help or is this her trying to figure out how to help?
Haaaaha heeeheeheehee

     What great things happened for you, this past week?
      When you are seeking help, who comes to the foreground?
        Where are your happiest places this time of year? and why?

Merry blogging,


  1. #1. thanks for the acknowledgment. I think that is me, not you... #2. I didn't sleep til midnight, too much to catch up on. #3. I hope everyone got the humor of the slapping hand technique. #4. I'm blogging for a bit, then hopping on my exercise bike and #5 ... ta dah! We finally joined a party successfulllllly :D

  2. Those skirts are adorable!

    Your blog looks great, I have some reading to catch up on. Thanks for visiting me during Anita's Paris Link Party. Now following you.

  3. Hi, Marty! Thank you for visiting with me the other day and inviting me over here! I am pleased to meet you!

  4. Oh what darling IDEAS!!! Hi Mary!

    Hey, you came to our beloved NOWHERE! My husband and I have been absent from this place for the entire school year but are hoping to get back this summer.


  5. Just put you and Renae together as sisters -- how fun that you share the blogging bug! :)

  6. Oh what a sweet idea for you to sew skirts and donate them. You are going to make some young girls feel very special!

    Sweet post, Mary. I have so much to be thankful for. Every. Single. Day!

    Happy Weekend!

  7. Those skirts are seriously cute - makes me wish that I had a girl around. Boy clothes are just not as adorable.

  8. You had a very good week...I did, too! My favorite place any time of the year is the beach...or if I'm at home, the lanai! I'm sitting on my sofa in the lanai right now! We have so much to be grateful for, my friend! Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Lovely post! Hope you are having a good weekend:)

  10. Congrats on a great week :) And thanks for stopping by and following me! Happily following you back now.

    Have a great week :)


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