Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Green green grass

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a garden

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Yesterday was to hot.  I wondered if the grass would dry up and turn brown in a day.

It's still green...barely.

I love having a green lawn.  Ours is not quite there.

What are your favorite thoughts of green, grassy, landscape?

What is your least favorite job connected to gardening?

Who does you garden work, you, your gardener, or is that one in the person the same?

Do you have enough green scape around you?   

I'm off to school again tomorrow.  See you later,  Mary 



  1. Love green grass, although I could do without quite so much rain! Those sprinklers are such fun and so welcome on a hot day.

  2. We have a combination lawn of grass, weeds and Creeping Charlie. No watering during the summer.

  3. We have water restrictions here in Australia (Queensland). No sprinklers or hoses unless connected to a tank (which has collected rainwater).A few years ago we were in drought conditions but the last 2 years we've had floods! But still we have the restrictions! lol Job I hate in the garden?...weeding :-(

  4. We have lots of grass and hubby takes care of it. We have had lots of rain here so far this year so we haven't had to water and he has been getting lots of use out of his new lawn tractor. My least favorite job is weeding.

  5. Oh, how I would love to run across you lawn with the sprinklers on! ;) It's been a hot day! xo Heather

  6. ooh it'd be so much fun to run through the sprinklers in the middle of summer! It really is getting too hot! I spent over an hour and a half each day just watering my garden!! Some of my cucumber and squash plants look like they're about to wilt in the heat!

  7. Hi Mary,

    Used to remember the summer days when we were young and used to run through the sprinkler to cool down. Enjoy your summer and the week


  8. I love green, grassy spaces...we live in a townhouse, but no grass...Nice because we don't have to cut the lawn, but bummer because I would love a yard for M to run around in...

  9. love green grass and those are such beautiful shots!
    thanks for the follow, following you right back!

    your blog is totally awesome!


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