Monday, June 25, 2012

Teach Teachers

This morning I'm going to go to school.  

It seemed like such a good idea, at the time I said yes, "Yes, I'll go to school in June for 5 days."

Now, here it is June 25th and guess who wants to play hooky?

What do you like about work training meetings?
When was the last time you attended school?  
What was your favorite subject in school?  
What  school subject(s) apply the most to your present day living?

Teacher:  "Students, complete this sentence:   My summer reverie was interrupted by...."

Here's to your merry Monday, 


  1. I loved English...and I'm glad that I learned to spell! heehee! Is 'hee hee' a word? I hope you have a good day. Come back and give us a report of the day...home work! OH NO!

  2. Almost all of my illustration friends think workshops and conferences are the bees knees. I think life is too short. I learn by doing!

  3. Hi Mary,

    Happy Monday and I hope your week goes quickly. Teachers work SOOO hard! My Father is a retired Elementary School Principal. He did that for over 30 years. I remember all of the meetings that the staff had to attend. Their job was never ending. But, oh how we NEED good Teachers!

    I have to say that I'm happy to not have to be in the workforce any longer. I got totally burned out...and left for a while and then ended up going a total different direction by volunteering at our church's school before I was pregnant with M...and then later did some subbing as a Teacher's Assistant and enjoyed that. As far as school is concerned...I graduated from college back in '92 with a Merchandising Management Degree and worked in the apparel industry for nearly 15 years.

    Now, being an older 1st time Mom, I LOVE being able to stay home with my little guy...

    Have a lovely day!

  4. Hi Mary -

    Followed you, at your invitation, from my blog. I loved school, but became a young mother and didn't continue a college education. My favorite subjects (I carried a double major, yes in High School) were my majors - Mathematics and English.

    Enjoy your week of school - you are going, get as much as you can out of it.

    Blessings for a wonderful new week!

  5. I miss going to school now but not when I was still in school :P

    Have a great week ahead! :D

  6. You coo-coo nut, you don't win. You support, silly - hahaha.
    Don't worry y'all she is my sister. I can call her a coo-coo nut, 'cause she is my best SISTER!!

    1. and ... I am not in school, don't want to be in school and will not be in school ever ever again. (unless they hire me back) Did I just say that. I don't want to be hired back... I don't, I don't. I am just getting it all out of my system, finally ... a month later! bye, I'm going to IKEA!!!

  7. ha yes. I remember school... I couldn't get out fast enough ;)

  8. i loved school when i was the teacher! I taught pre-school and loved kids ages 3-4 best!!! i miss teaching and working with kids! my favorite subject in school was theatre studies, that was my major in college. It just didn't seem like school, more like play acting the whole way through!

  9. Hi Mary, have fun at your training sessions!
    I went to school eons ago - it wasn't as much fun as it seems to be these days; but I'm glad I learnt to spell correctly.
    Unfortunately, as I grow older, I make a few mistakes now and then. However, I also learnt to check things out in a dictionary when unsure, so I do that more and more these days.
    Cheers for now and enjoy the rest of your holiday break :D)


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