Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tomato Tomato

My last post was Paris! 

Today, my own portion of acreage, vegetable garden.  

The first picture shows my growing tomatoes, (I actually do have some help, but for this blog, they are mine.)  The black plastic membrane has been covered by lawn clippings.  So the tomatoes and a few other survivors of little beetles, are not easy to see.  

The second photo is of plants I have not planted...they are replacements for those lost to beetles.  (I bought some spray treatment for beetles, too.)  

It's late to be planting, still worth it for some fresh vegetables. Yummy.  

Has anyone planted chard?  
That's the little reddish veined leaf in upper right.  I hope to use it in the same way you use spinach.
 Has anyone had good luck with cilantro?  
My seems to die away, too young, but I understand once it takes hold, it can grow abundantly.  I hope to have some survive as it is a favorite for salads, salsas and veggie drinks.

Have you ever planted a two hundred dollar tomato?
So far, my first tomato with be about $100.  Lets hope for at least 100 tomatoes.  Haaaha heeeheeee

Merry vegetation keeping,  Mary 


  1. Hi Mary, good luck with your tomatoes - they are usually pretty tough, so you'll get some for sure!
    Chard (we call it Silverbeet here) is nice to eat... it has a slightly stronger flavour than spinach. Beaut when it is young especially... when older, I cut out the spines. Always good in soups and I've also fried it gently in a little butter with garlic and then into a white sauce - delicious! Enjoy your garden :D)

    1. OK I think I can dot the white sauce recipe. It's a funny thing, I cook best with suggestions rather than an actual recipe sometimes. Haaa aaa Thanks for the lucky wishes.

  2. Susan - Your methods sound wonderful. Mary - I'm not sure about the 100 tomatoes? Seriously? I think your investment really needs to pan out for you in order for that to be worth it. Keep those chickens away!!!! LOL

  3. Mon petit potager me procure beaucoup de plaisir !
    Bientôt nous pourrons déguster la ratatouille du jardin !!!

    1. I gives me pleasure to think we are each growing our gardens and I talk to my tomatoes in English, you're telling yours to grow in French. So lovely, smart vegetables.

  4. Hi Mary, good luck with your tomatoes :) Thanks for stopping by and for following. Wishing you a wonderful day!!!

    Kristin xx

  5. I have cilantro that came back from last year -- it's planted on the north side of the house and gets morning sun.

    My hubby always says not to think about what it costs to raise your own food -- it's a lifestyle choice. :)

  6. Good luck with more tomatoes! Ours take FOR-EH-VAH to turn ripe! Maybe you just might have to eat hundred dollar tomatoes!

  7. This looks very professional. I never manage to do very well with tomatoes. Sometimes I think I have the wrong personality to be a gardener, even though I do try ! :)

  8. I have to be honest and tell you that I don;t have a garden. I used too years ago! I grew tomatoes and you will too - don't know about 100! Just watch for those green worms. sandie

  9. We always had Swiss Chard and loved it! It 'bleeds' like beets but we used it just like spinach...raw or cooked! I can just taste it right now! Yummy!

  10. Hi Mary ~~~ so nice to meet you. My mother used to grow a garden and loved to grow tomatoes. Such a nice hobby to be able to grow plants ~~~

    God Bless You Mary and thanks for following me.
    Pearl 13.1

  11. I have always wanted to try to grow chard. It is such a good sub for spinach.


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