Tuesday, July 17, 2012

15 Ways to Use Cucumbers #3

No not chanel #3, but close to my heart as a favorite.  This is a post on the topic of cucumbers.  Months back I announce 15 ways to use cucumbers...that one number 1, then I did another..now here today is #3.  Rather than a salad of the items, I cut them for individual taking...Cucumber, Red Pepper and Jicama with lime.
Step 1:  wash the items...since produce department cucumbers are waxed, I wash and peel.

Here are the players in today's "salad".  Red pepper, lime, jicama and cucumber.   
(I prefer produce department English cucumbers, in the cellophane wrap.  I do not peel those.)

Players are lined up for service.  
Lime is available for we "limey" types.  These veggies are great plan or with your favorite salad dressing.  Sizes are small enough for bite (or 2) size salad OR pick up as finger food.

How many times do you think or say..."I need to eat more vegetables"?
Do you like jicama, red peppers, cucumber?
Have your been told to have more fiber in your diet? 

Here they are, fiber and flavor.  Lovely, easy, along with other items on your plate.

Merry fiber, Mary

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  1. Looks delicious. I love jicama too, and all of those. I once made a huge jicama salad for a group of people who were coming for dinner. Just as I was cutting up the last pea pod to go in the salad (using a scissor), I accidentally clipped the end of my index fingernail. I couldn't find the sliver of fingernail and so I had to throw the whole beautiful salad OUT!! (not that you needed to hear this little anecdote, but...) :-)

  2. You just made me hungry--I adore cucumbers. Especially, like you, the English cucumbers. I try to buy only local produce at the farmers market, but on those occasions when I must buy it at the grocery store, I try to find produce grown as close to local as possible. Guess where the English cucumbers wrapped in cellophane were from? Holland! Totally ridiculous, since there is a grower of the same article just 20 minutes from here!

  3. I have never tried jicama but my daughter loves it. Perhaps I shall try. Love the English cucumbers. Those are the burpless ones, right? I have the lime and cucumber, guess I should go down to the market and pick up the jicama. You've convinced me!

  4. It looks lovely and so healthy.

    I don't know what jiama is
    I have never heard of it here in Ireland.

    Will have to google it.

    Have a great week.

    x Fiona

    ps just to let you know that I am going on holiday and so won't be around for a week or so
    and won't be able to comment on your lovely blog.

    Be good!!!

  5. This looks just wonderful to eat and so fresh! Sandie

  6. I love cucumbers, I usually have them with tomatoes, red onion. Your combo look yummy, will leave to give it a try. Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  7. Yummo!!! I love all of these veggies, but have never eaten this combo together. thanks for the idea. I just need to pick up some jicama. Maximus loves cucumbers and tonight he was really digging some red peppers that were kind of stir fried. :)

  8. Fix that for the Reunion okay?

  9. I love all these, and I've had all but the lime together. Now, I'm anxious to see how what the lime flavor does with them.


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