Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Here is a new blogging idea.  
My sister, Renae,  began her idea of posting with a style she has titled:  E.A.S.Y.
Please feel free to join us in a post next week.
Come back next week and every Tuesday.  We will be doing  E.A.S.Y. post and link it here.  Your hosts are Mary,  merrydotdandy and Renae, *simplesequins*

  Enthusiastic...  for fresh food.  I especially appreciate tomatoes this time of year.  Here are sweet little red ones from our little garden.

  Awesome....  My friend, V.....the one  for whom I volunteer service in her bakery, 
is an volunteer type.    If she see work to do, she does it. 
She is married to B and he is the same kind of thinker.     
Well, the washing machine died.  So, I purchased a used, very nice machine.  
The company wanted $55 for delivery. Our house is 10 minutes away, if you hit all stop lights.
So, knowing B has a truck, I asked for assistance to bring the machine to our house.
 They came together to deliver the machine as he stopped on his way home from his day of work, picked it up, stopped to collect V, his darling wife..and brought the washer to here.
But even more.   A glance out the back 40, revealed some tall growing, much neglected weed area...he grabbed clippers, gathered them up, carried them to the green trash can before I "turned around"!  No more weeds!!
Awesome friends...totally awesome.


  Simple... Miss Katty.  She comes in, she goes out, she sleeps, she eats,  occasionally she jumps upon the counter because she wants "fresh" water.  Here she is pictured sniffing the lowest drawer.  She loves to climb in it, if left open for a minute.  Very funny, cute and simple.

 Yes  -  Positive...  Olympics.  I know it is gigantic.  I cannot even begin to think of all of the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, moral involvement of the thousands of athletes and back up people.   I appreciate the televised events and those young ones doing their up most to succeed.  Hooray for the Olympics.

So here we are with E.A.S.Y.
Merry easy day, 


  1. Just stopping in to say thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and hope you enjoy it. I'll be back to visit yours soon too!

  2. Hey Mary I'm here following back,so happy to see you on Loblolly,E.A.S.Y post sounds like more fun..count me in.

  3. What a great idea, and what a cute Katty!

  4. Thanks for visiting Buttercup's. Please come and visit often. And I am your newest follower.

  5. What nice friends you have! Sweet, sweet shots.

  6. Nothing like home grown tomatoes!!

  7. Yay for the Olympics! I've been glued to my tv every night!

  8. This is a great idea. I'm not getting anything done for watching the Olympics. It's riveting. I feel so happy for the winners and want to cry with the losers.

  9. Best of luck with your link up
    sounds like a great idea.

    Those tomatoes look yum!

  10. Oooooh...des tomates!!!! mestomates sur mon balconi garden ausi son oranges com chez vous!!!! :O)
    With love from Moscow!!! :O)
    xxx Maria xxx

  11. sounds fun! love your pictures and thoughts!!

  12. Ah, some lovely photos here! I could eat those tomatoes. And what VERY nice friends you have!

  13. Enjoyed your E.A.S.Y post . It is a good idea.

  14. I Enjoyed looking at those beautiful tomatoes. sandie

  15. We haven't bought a new machine in years. There's a local place that refurbs washers and dryers. We've bought two sets from him and they lasted as long as the new ones we bought before.

    Our tomatoes are coming in too. Very nice.

  16. Those tomatoes are calling my name!! ;) The Pink photo is so beautiful... {sigh} makes me wish I were there... blessings ~ tanna

  17. Very cute idea! Thanks for visiting and following! I'm now following you back! I'm looking forward to more visits!



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