Tuesday, July 3, 2012

For Amber Waves of Grain...


This is one of those beautiful viewpoints of our great earth.  Midwest of our USA.  This reminds me of our newly wed travels cross country.  Those W - I - D - E, open fields in Iowa, Nebraska,  along I-80, was an eye opener for us.  We were traveling in early June, so the grain fields were green.. I was so enthralled with the waves....wind was strong and the grain made waves....So I think I sang about those WAVES of GRAIN.
Have you ever seen those waves of grain?

Have you driven along I-80?

Haaaahaha,   that reminds me of a trip on I-80, in cold weather.  We stopped at the Buffalo Bill Monument.  It was very cold and we only stopped a few minutes.  When we got back in, it was my turn to drive.  I wanted to make up for the stopped time, so I really press the gas pedal fast.  Our little car had good acceleration ability.  Soon I was going very fast.  Just as I thought I should check the speed, I heard the siren.  Ugh, that hurt the pocket book.

Have you ever been issued a ticket on I-80?  

Merry waves of grain, 


  1. You've some lovely newly wed memories there Mary :D)
    I love to look across a paddock or field and see the grass or a crop waving in the breeze, just as in your photo.
    Oh dear, not such a good experience your ticketing one !

  2. Nice memories. I don't think I've been on I-80, but I've sure seen amber waves of grain. Until recently, they were all around here. Not fond of tickets. So far, I've only had one and it was on I-44 near Rolla, MO. Now I use cruise.

  3. What a lovely photo! I love driving and seeing the waves of grain blowing in the wind :)

  4. We drove through amber waves of grain on the way from Wisconsin to Denver. Although the trip through Nebraska was long (and a bit boring), I'll have to admit that it was an awesome site to see the food-growing capacity of that huge, open space.

  5. I don't think I have driven along that road - so thank you for showing me amber waves of grains - beautiful. sandie

  6. Absolutely beautiful Mary!
    I believe when I was young we did with the family on a road trip.
    Wishing you a joyful week.

  7. What a beautiful photo! Love the colors! Have never driven in this part of the country, looks interesting!

  8. Lots of fields of corn and soybeans and maybe alfalfa -- that's what you'll see in Nebraska and Iowa. No tickets on I-80, thank goodness.

  9. Such a beautiful photo! Would love to be there!! Happy 4th of July! xo Heather

  10. Oh yes...I've seen the Midwest and love it! Growing up we use to travel by car to see my grandparents who lived in Nebraska. Loved the small town, lazy days and slower pace.

  11. Mary, I live in Oklahoma and travel quite often to Kansas. Last time we made the trip it was wheat harvest time. I was in tears watching all those combines at work...with grain to work with. Last year it was questionable, with our lack of rain. I love the Amber Waves of Grain...but I also love those Purple Mountain Majesties!!! We often visited my grandma in New Mexico when I was a child. I adore the mountains. I hadn't seen them for years till we had a summer trip to Denver a couple years ago. Again, I cried when I saw the mountains. It was like visiting an old friend again. Ok, maybe I'm just an old softy!!!

    By the way, your sis stopped by my blog and commented. She said you invited her. Thanks so much. You have a new follower as well!!!


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