Tuesday, August 14, 2012

e.a.s.y Tuesday 2

e. enthusiastic
I am enthusiastic for color.   Color is the best. Contrast is next....  So my post has some of these to share.

a. awesome
The colors of fresh produce is awesome...and that variety of color brings interest to the plate.

s. simple
Many of my best methods to eat from these colorful beauties is raw, or sauted, which is simple.

y.  yes
My love of farmers markets is finally recorded here with some of my favorite pics.  Mouth watering items to follow.   Loving the color, contrast, taste, texture, aroma, good for the person...happy food.


Merry marketing,  Mary


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e.a.s.y tuesday; enthusiastc, awesome, simple or yes happenings.
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  1. This all looks delicious! Love the colours!

  2. It all looks so healthy and fresh.

    Lovely EASY post Mary.

    Have a good week


  3. Your photos show the beauty, fresh, and yummy vegetables and fruits..Thanks for following..appreciated very much!

  4. Gorgeous photos, Mary! LOVE the shot of the peaches - the perspective was great and I could almost FEEL the fuzz on them!

  5. beautiful pictures :)
    have a lovely week x

  6. I could dig into all those things - yum!

  7. The Jewels of Summer...

    You have represented them in a beautiful way. Just beautifully...

    And of course, I LOVE you large pictures!!!!!!!! :-)

    Oh if only every blogger would take the time to give us their pictures, in a large size! Instead of the teensy, weensy, tiny, little, cropped-looking way that most blogs display their pics. Oh I know, we can click-and-enlarge them. But... Why have to do that? Why? -sigh-

    Off my soap box. Happily, I'm preaching to the choir here. -giggggles-

    Gentle hugs,

  8. Lovely pictures...love the fresh fruits


  9. Dearest Mary,
    BEAUTIFUL pictures with excellent colors!!! I"m SO stunned, my friend.
    Lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  10. I'm really want a peach now. :) Hope you have a peachy day!

  11. I love going to farmers markets and all the fresh, healthy food you can get there!

  12. Seeing these shots makes me want to eat healthy. But as hard as I try, I can't seem to find the perfect peach--even when I go to the Farmer's Market. :/

  13. I love your food posts that you do and these photos are wonderful!!! Makes me want to go to a farmer's market. Happy Tuesday, Mary. I commented on your sis' blog that I will have to link up one of these weeks.

  14. What a great picture of those peaches....YUM YUM YUM

  15. pictures of fresh produce always make me so happy. Eating them makes me happier still!

  16. We picked some peaches from our orchard this evening -- my husband ate 5. Lol.

  17. Oh, what lovely fresh foods!! Great photos! xo Heather

  18. this make me want to cook and bake!!
    great feeling from the pics!

  19. everything looks so fresh and delicious. don't you wish this all came from YOUR garden?? a dream of mine, to live on a farm with lot's of animals and a huge garden!! i live in the burbs and have 2 tomato plants, in pots, on my deck!!....and i still call it my garden!!


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