Monday, August 6, 2012

Wake Up World

It is hard for me to wake up on Mondays.  
Anyone else in that mode?

This is an old fave, to help the world wake up...on the right side if the bed.

Sing along if you like..dare...are all alone....or with someone who loves to sing!!!!

I am a teacher of public schools.  I have 3 Mondays of vacation before students re-appear in my life.
I need to think of all of the positive things I have accomplished this summer. 

One of which is having some great new friends come my blog world.

Read on about Tuesday.

This is the new idea for a blog hop from my sis and me. 


Read On

'e.a.s.y. tuesday' is a weekly blog hop starting tomorrow! You can join in and share anything that is easy, quick, simple or fun that is happening for you or in your life!

The instructions are:
• Publish a blog post about e.= enthusiastic, a.= awesome, s.= simple, y.= yes or something affirming or positive.  feel free to have fun in your post (you can do all 4 initials or just elaborate on 1 and/or 2 and/or 3.)  you decide, have fun!

• Write that you are linking to the 'e.a.s.y. tuesday' blog hop.    simple. 

• Be certain you link to your actual 'e.a.s.y. tuesday' post and not your entire blog / home page. (copy and paste the post's url not the home page's url.)

•  Link up at either of the host's post and fill in the spaces and click 'submit.'  it's that easy, yay!

•  If you don't have a blog - but want to comment - you are welcomed to do so, too.

This 'e.a.s.y tuesday' event is hosted by sisters Mary at merry dot dandy and Renae at *simple sequins*.  (we at 'e.a.s.y. tuesday' reserve the right to remove any links that are deemed inappropriate.)
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact either Renae or Mary.
thank YOU -- now lets have some fun!!!


  1. I reallly like this idea; I can't do it this week but I'm definitely on board for next.

    By the by, thanks so much for all your help, you are a sweetheart!


  2. i like this idea too..sound so yummyy..this week i am a bit crazy busy ..but will join you all soon..
    hugs and love xxx

  3. I like the easy idea. And don't we all wish we had an easy button!

  4. I will say that my daughter is a teacher and she went back to work today - and my grandson to school on the 13th! sandie

  5. What a great idea! We're all looking for quick and easy in this busy world of ours. I hope to join you soon. . .

  6. I was a big fan of the Carpenters. Not only was it Monday butI had a dr.'s check-up!!! UGH1

  7. I sure enjoyed hearing the carpenters and I did sing along. :) Lately I have trouble waking up every morning.:(

  8. My son starts his junior year of high school in a week. He's excited because he's now driving. LOL You have one of the most important careers there will ever be! I so appreciate good caring teachers! Hope you have a great school year!

  9. Great idea Mary! I will be sure to join! Thank You!

  10. I love Mondays, they are a fresh start and a new adventure!

    Hope your school year gets off to a great start, enjoy the rest of your well deserved break!!

  11. I listened to the Carpenters growing up! That was one of my mother's favorite songs...


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