Monday, August 13, 2012

Fair Birds

Do you love owls?
Do you know any, up close?
This is Asian Eagle Owl.

I took these clips at the county fair.

Earthwings is the group that brought their
birds for the fair crowds to see.
(sorry these clips may be very small,
I do not know why.)

My skills at the camera are lacking....but this owl is so great...I am bringing him to you.  The web site has video of a different owl that is also cool, but this is the baby owl from the site, now 7 months old.

This is the wing span in camera just does not snap what I see, when I see it.  Humph.

Here is Bugo at his back...I think his feathers are so beautiful ....

Earthwings also brought some other birds, one of which was a baby Macaw. 
This is a cute photo of a little child touching the Macaw baby.
They issued an invitation to come see, ask about and touch help socialize him. 
 He is being trained to fly freely and to return upon hearing a command.  

Our group had a great time at the fair...this was by far my favorite for the night.

Have you been this close to a Macaw?
I wonder if he was tired of camera flashes, so he closed his eyes?
Do you or have you ever owned a bird?

Merry bird watch,  Mary

Link to:  Monday Masterpiece  at Boogieboard Cottage


  1. My parents had a pet crow. Bit unnerving having that sharp beak next to your eye when he shoulder perched! Thank you for following my blog btw, I am returning the favour :-)

  2. Beautiful photos Mary.

    I love owls but have only been close to one once and I was a bit afraid of it! (big coward me)!!

    Have a great week

  3. How cool, love the owl and the macaw. I would think the camera flashes hurt their eyes. I really love to see birds in the wild.

  4. beautiful pictures.
    i love owl too..
    hugs x

  5. I love owls - this is a great shot of him! When I was at the Wildlife Rehab center, they asked us not to use flash for photography, since it hurt their eyes. Very nice shots!

  6. Great photos and clips Mary! I love owls and where I used to live I saw them more often even though it was a busy street with lots of traffic..

  7. Oh, owls are lovely, aren't they???? Yes they are. :-)

    But the only bird I have ever owned, is "stuffed". -gigggles- Since "Harry Potter," I've had a nice, soft, fluffy, cuddely, white owl. Given to me by my family.

    Gentle hugs,

  8. I just posted photos of the Osa Penninsula of Costa Rica on my blog. We saw flocks of Scarlet Macaws there. They are unmistakable in the air. Like colorful 747's. And they have unmistakable squawks. Louder than heck!

  9. we love owls! my husband collected owls and so now my daughter has taken over.. i hit one with the car once and still feel awful! beautiful bird! enjoy your day!

  10. Love the photos!

    I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I've chosen your blog as a recipient for the Sunshine Award! Stop by and check it out :)

  11. I've never seen an owl up close! I hear them all the time around here, but never see them. They are beautiful birds.

  12. Other than being dive-bombed (in a car) by a snowy Hawks, on the other hand, pop up around me all the time.

    Beautiful photos and congrats on your newest award!

  13. Yes I do love owls. One night two landed on the wires behind our house. We stood peeping out the window listening to them answering each other with their who who who. Yes I have owned one small bird, a parakeet, a young male and I was able to teach him to talk

  14. I think owls are so cool. I've seen a couple of them on my morning walk a few times along the paths in the woods.

  15. The picture of the child toughing the Macaw is beautiful, Mary. It is a unique color. Yes, I love Owls! They remind me of Nel, who is working on her Ph.D. right now. Owls are smart, and she is on her way to getting there.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  16. What gorgeous birds! Alas, the clips do not play for me...

  17. This really speaks to my love of birds and their majesty. Thanks for sharing!

  18. That blue color of those feathers is just amazing! I think owls are quite spooky but so interesting!

  19. Oh wow, they are just so majestic!

  20. I saw one as a kid in a tree by our drive and it mesmerized was so cool. I think they are awesome birds.

  21. Mary,
    Hello, Wonderful to see them. Yes love the owls.
    Have a good rest of your week.
    Pat @ Pat's Pink Apron

  22. So beautiful!! Love the pretty owl!! xo Heather

  23. Dearest Mary,
    Wow!!! How wonderful and I've never seen an owl, haha. In Japan, Land lords (Samurai period) used them for hunting.
    Lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


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