Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday in Review

This is a photo I snapped asI was waiting on the street, in my car, as a truck towing his boat maneuvered into his driveway...Photo op if ever. 
  The neighborhood is where a friend lives...and we all had a nice visit.  
Did I mention they are moving for a about 2 years.  Maybe when they return they will be in a neighborhood closer to our house.
Fond farewell.

Our tomatoes are producing.  Traded some for plums.  Yum.

I went to work on Monday..a teacher work day...and I did not even cry.  Proud of me?,%20Effective%20Steps%20on%20How%20to%20Deal%20With%20Your%20Crying%20Child%20_800x600.jpg

Responses to my wordless Wednesday were great.  
Were you one who guessed toothbrush handles? 
I love the colors together.  

LAST FRIDAY OF FREEDOM!  Next week starts teacher days.
NO CRYING IN BASEBALL???*   oh..this is not baseball, school has lots of crying.

Google Image

Merry Friday,  Mary

*movie-League of Their Own


  1. Herrliche Ansichten die Freude machen...

    Lieben Gruß

  2. Gorgeous shot of the sunflowers with that fence!

  3. There is something so wonderful about sunflowers! That is a great shot - I would not have been able to resist snapping that photo either! Enjoy your is a bad sign when the teacher cries, don't you think? LOL...

  4. Sunflowers always cheer me up; hope they helped cheer you as you're getting braced for back to school.

  5. i love sun flowers too..
    enjoy your weekend xx

  6. I love sunflowers too.... they make me happy!

  7. Ohhhh what a beeeeeautiful "Photo Op"! And isn't it lovely, how loving a camera, can open our eyes to more noticing of everything around us? Yes, it is lovely! :-)

    And what a display of sunflowers. Love 'em. But we have a hard time growing them. -pout-

    Gentle hugs,

  8. That baby crying is the cuttest thing in the world...pretty much how I feel on Mondays ;-)

  9. Love the cheerful :)

  10. Lindas flores ,adoro!beijos,chica

  11. Great photos Mary.

    Best of luck back at school
    I'm back on the 29th!
    Where did summer go?

    Thanks for linking up with Green Day

    Have a lovely weekend

    x Fiona

  12. Those sunflowers are so abundant! What a treat. Yay for tomatoes! I have five little ones that I hope turn red soon. I'm too impatient for gardening. :/

  13. I love your blog post, your button, and your writing style! I am a new follower of yours!!! Hugs and thank you for following my blog. Every Sunday is a "Sunday Stop" Linky Party if you want to share your talent with us.

  14. That was a great photo op and I adore that baby picture.

  15. your entire post was so very cheery...thanx for that

  16. Teaching would be very difficult for me.

  17. awh, nice review. stick around - i'll be there soon (inside joke/info)
    She is my sister. Sometime best way to reach her is on her blog!!! hahahaha

  18. Nothing more cheery then a huge bunch of sunny sunflowers. - Oh your little one is really darling even in tears.

  19. I love sunflowers. They are such happy, happy, happy flowers! Maybe you should have some in your classroom :)

  20. I really love this shot!
    I retired from teaching a few years back. Have a great year!

  21. Beautiful picture! With this view, I wouldn't mind waiting for hours! ;)

  22. Darn...I almost said tooth brush handles. The sunflowers are so pretty. So far we have been able to pick two tomatoes. :(

  23. beautiful color and subject here! :)

  24. i love sunflowers! I always drive by a field of sunflowers on my way back home from work. I smile when i see them, it's a nice way to end my day!

    Have a blast in the new school year! Teaching may be tiring, but I know you will enjoy seeing your students again!

  25. Love the shot of the sunflowers and fence. Gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing.

  26. Enjoy your last weekend before school starts. I love those sunflowers too. sandie

  27. No waaaaay!!!! (waahhh waahhh) School cannot be starting again so soon?! NOOOOOOO...
    Seriously!!! This does not seem possible. I hope you had a wonderful summer and have a great first week.

    That sunflower shot was beautiful!!!
    Awe...summer coming to an end soon. I think I'll be sad for you and cry. Somebody's got too. :(

  28. Love those stunning sunflowers! Happy weekend to you! ox Heather

  29. Beautiful sunflower photo, I love to see them as they make me smile. Such a happy flower! It's hard to believe that schools are starting up again. This has been a miserably, hot summer this year, but it has flown by nevertheless.

  30. wow the sunflower bordered fence looks so fabulous

  31. WHAT A GORGEOUS PLACE with those sunflowers! WOW Mary, where do you LIVE?

    Oh my, you are going back to school already? Well, I would be too, but I resigned. However, I will be called back as a substitute and on August 22, I believe I have one meeting to go to. YIPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEE!

    I wish you the best school year to come. Surprises, challenges and joy are in store for you.

    Thank you so much for visiting with such kind words. Let's hang on to all we can before the chill comes to freeze our memories in a suspended state of beauty. Anita

  32. Hi Mary,

    I love the sunflowers and it really says that summer is there where you are.
    I will keep your family member that is in hospital, in my thoughts and prayers.

    Happy weekend

  33. Mary,
    Beautiful sunflowers. Great picture.

  34. Sunflowers are so pretty! Hope you have a great weekend!

  35. I know exactly how you feel about going back to school. Love the job, but didn't like losing the freedom I had gained in the summer. Don't aim to rub it in, but now I have that freedom all the time. Retirement is awesome. I so enJOY it! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  36. Well, if everyone else is crying, maybe no one will notice if you do too. You can tell them you are empathizing. Good luck with your school year.


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