Friday, August 3, 2012

Greenie Friday

Here is a green vignette to share with you.  It has some nicely groomed grassy green areas and a pretty reflection of the large water feature.
 This is a place that began transformation several years ago.   
It was once a work place without any green, unless they painted a sign green. saying,
 "WAGON LOADING HERE."  It was a working flour mill. 
When our parents drove us past it, as children, I remember calling out, "that's were Len works. "
(He was our neighbor across the street.)  
But as we aged and so did the mill, we usually ignored it.  
It was never an eye soar or derelict...but it was transformed first to a raw wood furniture store and  
now as an upscale restaurant.  Many vintage houses have been moved onto the property which has now created a village.
I cannot even begin to think what the original owner,  Mr. Gardiner would think of it now.

 I like most, about it, is the green growing plants, trees, vines and flowers.  It is a very pretty commercial village now and a garden retreat for me.

Here is a little green belt....
some years ago our oldest son purchased a box of wild flowers and chose a place for them.  
These are the best of the show from his planting.   It keeps producing flowers...and every year they pop up in a completely different arrangement.  
Those wild flower are not named wild for nothing.  
They do just what they please.
Rather wild of them, huh?

Now here is a green picture...some green.  
This is a very close, fuzzy picture of my toenail.  
Yes,  this little flower has been on my toenail for about a this reading, it will be replaced with fresh polish. 
 I have liked the little center green sparkle on my flowered toe...but I'm not fond of feet pictures, so this little close up is the best I can do.

Prior to this pedicure I had never had a picture on any nail.
What is your favorite green thing?   Where is your favorite green place?  

Merry greenery,  Mary

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  1. Beautiful shots! Great reflection in the first one and the flowers are gorgeous!

  2. Love the photos and the new old village sounds marvelous.

  3. The wildflowers are so cheerful! I love that first photo in the restored mill shopping village. How fun that you remember the original owner. Have a nice weekend.

  4. Lovely photos...have a fabulous weekend:)

  5. Beautiful pictures..enjoy your weekend xxx

  6. My dear Mary
    It seems that the site of the mill became a great GREEN space. Your son's flowers are great.
    Have a wonderful weekend !

  7. Wow they have really transformed that mill haven't they. It looks really lovely.
    Those wildflowers are lovely too - I always think wildflowers are really beautiful.

  8. Tolle Fotos zu diesem besonderen Tag...

    Lieben Gruß

  9. What pretty flowers! The mill sounds very interesting.

  10. I love all the pops of color in that green field. Beautiful.

  11. Mary, your photos are so beautiful! I think my favorite green thing is anything that grows, except for mold. ;)

  12. I would love to see something beautiful and green like your mill pond around here. Being a hot dry, cold snowy place, there is a real lack of water features other then the lakes.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  13. Those wildflowers are beautiful. My favorite green thing would have to be my best friend. Green is her favorite color.

  14. Any green thing here in hot, dry south Texas is my favorite green thing. Nice entry!

  15. Love the colorful wildflowers in among the green.

  16. What wonderful photos.

    I love the flower on your nail
    how did you do that?
    I would love to have sparkly
    flowers on my toes
    - wonderful.

    Your photos are greatT and thanks for linking up with Raindrops and Daisies
    Green Day.

    Wishing you a great weekend with lots of sunshine and smiles.

    and thanks s

  17. Gorgeous flowers! Have a wonderful weekend.


  18. I haven't found a favorite green area around here YET. But I'm sure over time I will. These are great photos. Keep up the good work!

  19. Dearest Mary,
    What wonderful pictures; I LOVE the gorgeous reflection and the flowers♡♡♡
    Haha, I cannot be a good photographer like you, have a wonderful weekend♬♬♬
    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  20. So beautiful and only wish the mill was still there!! Happy weekend to you! xo Heather

  21. Lovely nature scenes and the wildflowers are beautiful. Thanks for sharing your greens. Have a wonderful weekend.

  22. Mary,
    I would have to say that my favorite green place is a little park that I often go to and drink my coffee in the morning. These are the prettiest wild flowers that I've seen. Your son did a nice job picking them out. Have a nice weekend.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  23. I love a freshly manicured lawn and my favorite green place would be the view of the woods outside my patio window. Loveyour son's wild flowers. :)

  24. Your son's flowers are so beautiful! I've never had anything painted on my nails or toes other than simple polish. Your flower is cute! My favorite green is our large Oak tree in our backyard. I see it every morning out our kitchen window and when we're grilling outside. It's so big, strong, beautiful and home to many animals. :) My son's favorite color is green. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  25. When ever I buy wild flower seeds and plant them, none of them come up! I don't know what I do wrong if I can't even grow wild flowers.....:)

  26. Lovely Green Day photos. I really like the reflection in the first one.

  27. The wildflowers are beautiful! I'd love to see more green this hot, dry summer. The trees are still pretty green, but many are showing signs of distress and a few are just dying. We aren't watering the lawn as it's too big.
    Enjoyed your photos!

  28. Lovely green flowers!!
    I love all green plants hanging under our maple tree on our patio!!
    Green is Good!

  29. We've had such a good summer that Florida is green and tropical this year! I love to see the pretty green golf course when I look out the windows of the lanai!

  30. Anything green at this point would be a blessing. :)

  31. Hi there - thats a nice set of flowers - the mix and match approach of wild flowers seems some much better than ranks and rows!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  32. Hi Mary,

    I live in a working organic farm here in Panglao Island, Bohol, so you can imagine the various shades of green that surround me. I had a violent illness some months back, which to this day no one is able to diagnose its root cause. Am staying here and using the all-naturally grown veggies and livestock as my medicine.

    Anyway, I was reading your profile and guess what? I, too, love honey. There is this huge bee farm in Mindanao where we get our honey. It's incredibly delicious that I eat several teaspoons everyday. It's healing as well.

    Cheers! Enjoy this glorious Sunday morning!

    P.S. ...Excellent photographs, by the way!

  33. Hi Mary, beautiful green post. I love the images and the story behind:D My fave green place is in the mountains and green thing-flower:D
    thx for the sweet comment,
    xx chris

  34. The reflection is beautiful and the flowers are so sunny... Nice choice !

  35. The wildflowers are both pretty and colorful. How great it is to have a surprise floral display each year; you son is to be thanked for his foresight!

  36. Gracious but I think that what-has-happened-to-Mr.-Gardner's-place, is WONDERFUL! So super to read of progress made, in rehabilitating an older area.

    And just had to pop in and say, how delightful to find another blog, which loves to show BIG pics, right in the post itself!!!! Myself, I get tired of having to read-a-post and then click-to-enlarge-pics-on-a-separate-screen. Why not let Dear REaders do it all... At one time, ask I?

    And I have enlarged my pics. But some Dear Readers had a terrible time... So I had to make-blog-a-wee-bit-less-wide. Pics are still showing big though!!!! :-)

    Anyway, just had to say Hi to a posting-kindred-spirit.

    Oh and I came, because I saw your comment on something "Twilight" related, and that caught my eye. Being an Olden Gal, who got hooked on "Twilight," years ago. And thus, discovered Young Adult Lit!!!


  37. Beautiful blog, Mary! Thanks so much for stopping and commenting at my blog and becoming a follower. I'm your new follower, too. I read your profile page and we both love some of the same movies! That's cool about your sister helping you when you began blogging! Have a great Sunday

  38. Beautiful pictures. I have mint green toe nail polish for the last few weeks and really enjoying it! Have a sweet week.

  39. How wonderful that the mill has found another use. The flowers sure are pretty!

  40. Hi Mary, I enjoyed your story about the mill.
    That patch of wildflowers is so beautiful - lovely how the enjoyment returns each year.
    Enjoy your week :D)

  41. The flowers with that yellow rim are so pretty and unusual! sandie


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