Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Alaska Summer's End

These are some of my daughters pictures.... Our family traveled there in August a few years ago.  

Last evening, about 7:30, I noticed a little chill in the weather.   It reminded me of our family vacation in Anchorage.  It was at the end of August.  We left in the full swing of summer.  I was wearing summer clothing and sandles...but I felt the chill in the air, in August, in Alaska.  
"Bring on the jackets, in the day and more layers in the evenings."

It was beautiful...we saw moose,  birds and green plus colorful growing things.  

I love these downtown colorful moose. 

This was very different for me to see....I call it a neighborhood airplane harbor.   The mode of travel in Alaska has a higher variety quotient than my usual neighborhood.

It is such a vast, open this snap of sky.

This is another adieu to the season....onward to autumn. 

What is your experience at summer's end?
Have you been to Alaska?
Do you have any flowers planted in defunct vehicles?

Merry, Mary

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  1. What a fun series of photos; I want to go! (In the summer.)

  2. Woof! Woof! LOVE the colorful MOOSE. Happy Rural Thursday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. Das Auto ist ja der Hit...

    Lieben Gruß

  4. I love the second photo! Despite it's rustic appeal, the flower pots made its appearance pleasing to the eyes! Take care :)

  5. That truck used as a planter was interesting! I have seen chairs and wheelbarrows, but never a truck! I know people who have been to Alaska and loved it, but it is not on my bucket list - someplace warm, like Hawaii!

  6. wowwwwwwwwwwwww lovely photos..
    so much fun..
    hugs x

  7. Alaska would be a fun place to visit, but not in winter, for me anyway!

  8. Love the truck! We lived in Anchorage for four years and my favorite memory is of the moose who came right up to our living room picture window and peered in ;)...then there was the time we were swinging on the swings and a mama and her cubs started strolling out of the mom told us to be very still.

  9. Oh what a great selection of pictures - I really love the one of the old truck covered in flowers.
    I've never been to Alaska or Canada - it's one of those places I would just love to visit. :)

  10. Oh I would love to go to Alaska. These photos are beautiful. B

  11. Last shot was fabulous...Went on a cruise to Alaska with my parents when I was in HS....sick the whole time....stayed in my cabin with some sort of rash! Dr insisted it was NOT Roseola....guess that's quarintinable♫ Happy Fall!

  12. End of summer -- pulling out spent garden plants, putting new compost on the garden, and planting all new grass in the front yard.

    I have never been to Alaska...sounds cold. :0)

    P.S. Shouldn't we all have a truck planter in our front yard? I did see a house decorated with wagon wheels not too long ago here in Pennsylvania (an interesting, and not advisable, way to decorate).


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