Monday, September 24, 2012

EASY Tuesday Blog Hop

E....    as in Every day I look at the mountains and notice the departure of summer....the bright leaves make a lovely introduction to ...

A...   Autumn...   What are your favorite things about this season?
                                   (football,  holidays, cozy sweaters???)

S....   Summer any time of year in the tropics....

Y....   yahoo....even though I'm not headed to Hawaii very soon....I can always make plans to return to one of my favorite year round summer places.

Who want's to come with me?

Who loves to float in the warm tropical water?

Who would prefer a vacation in the autumn leave of the mountains?

Merry end of summer, Mary

Please feel at ease to come join our blog on.

Your Blog Hop "Easy Tuesday" is fun and ...of course, easy!
Take the letters in the word "easy" and create four separate words, nouns, adjectives or adverbs
of what you are feeling, in making your post for this super fun Blog Hop!  Get your imagination's bubbling!
Such as:
E is for enthusiasm or energy or environment or education!
A is for awesome or attitude or avenue or attendance!
S is for surprise or sudden or smiling or simple!
Y is for yes! or yummy!  or yesterday (vintage) or youngsters.
The words / choices are endless....
Be creative and decisive and cleaver and yourself  ...have fun with it!  We here at "Easy Tuesday" like to have fun and meet new people in all sorts of venues.  This blog hop is a way to create those opportunities.
Also, if you would like to just emphasize one of the letters in the word "easy", then feel free as a hummingbird to do that, too!  Perhaps you just want to focus on the word say, fore instance,  'smile' - then link up with us and I am sure others would enjoy reading about a smile, wouldn't we? Selecting positive words will make it fun and interesting all at the same time.
You can write the post in just words or you can have the post be all about just photographs.
You decide!  You create! and ... above all YOU have fun and tell yourself  "anything goes" and the creativity and energy will come out and it will ...hopefully, be the easiest thing you've done all week! Whaaahoo!!
This blog hop is hosted by two sisters; Mary at merry dot dandy and Renae at *simple sequins*.  They the host will delete any post that is deemed inappropriate.  (sometimes some people will just go too far). You can link up at either blog and benefit from followers each blog has, too.
The Link will begin on Monday evening at 9:00 PM mountain daylight time (we're in Utah) and then the link will close at 12:00 am on Wednesday morning. It runs all day on Tuesday.  Join in!  Have fun meeting new bloggers and please spread the word that this is happening every week for at least this year, maybe longer, ...who knows?  Please include our side bar to place on your post, too!  Yay!

simple sequins


  1. Tolle Fotos und sehr schön beschrieben...

    Lieben Gruß

  2. I think I would prefer the mountains in the Fall. I love fall xxx

  3. Hawaii is on my bucket list...I love fall in the mountains but I am truly a summertime gal! Nice photos for E.A.S.Y.!

  4. Nice entry! What I like best about this season is fall and winter clothes. At my age I can't wear the cute little flip flops or sleeveless blouses so I enjoy longsleeve blouses and sweaters. I won't be going to Hawaii but I can appreciate the country roads in my area.

  5. Muito lindo e férias pra mim podem vir sempre, desde que numa praia...beijos,chica

  6. These pictures are gorgeous!


  7. I'm ready for autumn this year. I just don't like winter.

  8. Bring on autumn! Cooler temps are most welcome to us southerners.

  9. My favorite part of the season is cool, crisp early morning walks. : )

  10. Been to Hawaii..loved it but don't care to return. Too many other places I want to go! I do love Fall...the cooler temps, the colors of the leaves, pots of soup!

  11. I am a mountain girl all the way...but I do enjoy warm sand between my toes once in awhile:)

  12. Hi lovely! I nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! Yay!

    All of the information is here ^^. Congrats and talk to you soon!



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