Monday, September 10, 2012

easy tuesday table

Today for e.a.s.y. post I am putting on my easy diy.

This is my first DIY project for my blog world.  
I planned long ago to blog and to include some of my crafting skills, but this is the first!

This one has a little story.  My sis...Renae found this table at a garage sale for $5!  She called me while at the garage sale to ask if I wanted it.  No picture by phone, I just trusted I could use it, somehow.  She even brought it to my house, I paid the $5.
It was scratched mahogany.  
We did a few "musical tables" trades and purchases while, in the short term she painted it white...and used it for a period of time.   It came to me...
I used it for a period of time.  
Now, has been nicked and bumped can see in the picture below.

Now here we have a fresh, sparkly bright white table.  I used gloss spray paint and you can see...

Tah dah....pretty white little coffee table. 
Original cost $5
original painting cost ?
Spray paint $4
Total  $9

Have you ever painted furniture?
Do you have any rescued items?

Have you ever found a super find at a garage sale?

Merry finds,  

Join us today for the  
easy tuesday blog hop 

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Be creative and have a 
of fun!
Create whatever works for you and your blog and join in!
Host are Mary at merrydotdandy and Renae at *simple sequins* (we are sisters, really!)
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Let's have a day of an easy post to look forward and have fun meeting new bloggers!
~ ~ just relax  ~  and  ~  have fun  ~ ~


  1. Not too many garage sale finds, but my office has a hand-me-down futon and the side table next to it is actually technically lawn furniture with a nice cloth to cover it up! That table looks great, the legs are so elegant!

  2. It's too bad garage sales are not popular in Greece. That table is beautiful and it looks like new!

  3. Mir gefällt was ich hier sehen und auch lesen kann, komme wieder ganz bestimmt schon morgen dann...

    Lieben Gruß und genieße den Tag

  4. I love the table!
    My best garage sale find was a set of Christmas dishes still in the box for $5

  5. i love the table too..
    have a lovely day x

  6. Oh indeed, it now looks marvelous!!!!

  7. I've both painted furniture and stripped it...whilst I don't make it to garage sales often I've had the odd score or two.

    Have a great day!

  8. MARY! THis is a fabulous find! I too have restored on practically nothing, several pieces that I painted white as well! It is so fun to take something that has good bones and make it the way YOU WANT.

    Thank you for coming to visit me! YES: BE DIFFERENT AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE, I say. Are you teaching now?

    Enjoy your day and SPARKLE! Anita

  9. Very pretty table. John and I love yard sales and thrift stores but we try to stay away now as we don't really need anything at our age.

  10. It really is a great classic table and the paint made all the difference! What a sweet sis! I find lots of good deals but I'm not much for changing things and making them better! lol Sweet hugs!

  11. The table turned out great! I have painted furniture. I just finished a cupboard that I moved into my kitchen and will do a post on it soon. I have a lot of furniture in my garage that I want to paint.

  12. Very creative. I think you and Renae need to open your own business of turning drab into fab!!!!! I will certainly be a customer.

  13. Great Job Mary!! How beautiful it looks now.

    I sold one shaped just like that at a yard sale because I had no where to put it.

  14. Love it!! The legs are so elegant! xo Heather

  15. I have never refinished furniture, but looks like you know what you're doing. It's beautiful!

  16. Wonderful find! Nice job! I love yard sales
    and thrift shops but it takes a lot of looking
    to find anything worth restoring-demand is high
    here for vintage.

  17. Great job on the table. Looks great!! Yes, I've painted many pieces of furniture over the years to give it a new life. : )

  18. I want that table - I have the perfect place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. That's lovely!

    I went through a spell of painting furniture when I was pregnant. Something about the hormones... :)

  20. The wonders of spray paint! What a great $5 find. :)

  21. I am terrible at refinishing furniture....and I do not have the vision you do. The table looks lovely. I found at a garage sale one time years ago.. a store owner who was selling her inventory ( not outdated stuff either)as she was about to close her shop. I bought enough stuff to decorate my kitchen and dinning area. I have not been as fortunate since. LOL

  22. What a super job, it looks brand new! Brilliant!

  23. Great job and transformation! Thanks for sharing your project at Potpourri Friday!


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