Thursday, September 20, 2012

Natural Vacation Yellowstone Again

Merry vacation memories....of beautiful places.
Thanks to darling daughter for taking such great pictures to share this summer.

My sister Renae @simple sequins wrote about our brother M, that has recently left us to go to Heaven...
He was generally very good natured.... but 

once in a while when as children, our family was packing up to go on a travel....he would start saying

 "I'm not going" or "I'm not go'na go."

We would beg, bargain, barter and blunder our way with him...until he finally just got into the car because everyone else was in the car  and ready to go.

Vacations remind me of him...hahahhahaahhehhhee, you ask, how is that a related attitude?

I get the same feelings---a little fear of the unknown...
when it's time to pack I pack and think...oh, is this going to be great or not.  I am going to have a fun time?
....but I go on the vacation,
love it...
I love to get home again, too.

I love the pictures to show for it.

He loved it, too, once he was out and going.

Ha!...what kids!

Merry vacation memories, Mary

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  1. Mary,

    It is a wonderful and natural vacation. I loved it.
    Have a green Friday!

  2. Beautiful, wild and strong landscape! I guess just like your brother was... Christa

  3. Breath taking pictures! I want to go there!!!

  4. These are wonderful!

    P.S. Don't know if you know, but I'm not blogging on Chickens on the Moon anymore, I have a new blog:

  5. Just breath-taking! Your daughter did a wonderful job taking these photos!

  6. Beautiful photos! Your daughter is a wonderful photographer. Sweet memories of your brother.

  7. Maravilha sair para um lugar assim... paixão!

  8. Oh these are gorgeous photos. I am sure these memories will last forever and help you through those sad days. Take care Hug B

  9. Wonderful pictures of your holiday. Looks like a stunning place to visit.
    I'm so sorry for the loss of your brother. You have some lovely memories of him.

  10. Have never been out there!! Beautiful pictures! You like water!!

  11. What spectacular nature shots! So sorry to hear about your brother.

  12. Beautiful Yellowstone scenes. I love vacations now, not so much when I was a child. I think everyone should see Yellowstone. Great photos, have a happy weekend!

  13. Gorgeous shots!! Thanks for following my blog. I'm doing a shout out for you on mine so keep an eye out soon! ;)

  14. Thanks for evoking some wonderful memories for me. In 2006, we did a road trip from California into Utah, Wyoming and Montana. It was wonderful, but we too very few photos. Your photos are great.

  15. Hi Mary,
    That's really funny about your brother doing that as a kid. cute! I remember going to Yellowstone as a kid, but I don't recall it being this beautiful. Maybe I didn't see all of it...I really only remember Old Faithful.

    Have a good week!

  16. Yellowstone is such an amazing place. I was there as a teenager. I wish I could go back now that I can really appreciate it!

  17. Fantastic shots Mary. Lovely memories of your brother too.


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