Monday, October 29, 2012

Birthday #1

Wheeew, another Monday!

Now this is the great report for the day...this evening, 6:48

     67      Sunny with pretty clouds.

The weather has been so very nice all day.

I went to school, for a short time, to prepare for a  substitute for the day.  Then I left to attend a funeral for my friend's husband.

Now I know that does not sound great to many people, but since he was a great man, and so many people loved was extremely pleasant to hear about his life and the many people he helped.  I am sad to see him go, and sadder yet for my friend to be widowed for the second time in her short life.  I went to be supportive of her as well.

Since I feel God knows each of his children,  we, each, are being considered and life will resolve itself of the harshness.   
Since I believe in Heaven, I have a view that this life does not end.   We will be able to comprehend the why's of life later, and gain understanding of it.  Otherwise, I could become discouraged.

Since a group of us were together for the funeral...we then went to lunch...and....Do Not Tell Anyone....but my birthday is coming soon.

 I had a nice surprise, when I attempted to pay for my lunch, suddenly, my ticket disappeared and lunch became a surprise trick.

  We had fun talk along  with some tasty food, on a sunny afternoon

 Monday....I'm glad you were here today.

Merry  friendships, (hang onto them as long as you can),  Mary


  1. Happy forthcoming birthday Mary
    and your lunch sounds lovely with special friends.

    I am sorry for your friend but I am glad that she was lucky to find a great man to spend some of her life with.

    Have a good day

    x Fiona

  2. "Yay" for birthdays! And happy birthday to you!!!

  3. Sorry for your loss. I think being a believer makes these times a *little* easier to bear, knowing there is a future home in heaven. Those shrimp tacos look divine! Happy birthday!

  4. sorry for your loss...what day is your birthday...I won't tell anyone. Promise :)

  5. I am sorry your friend lost her husband.
    Is it your birthday? Happy birthday.

  6. I'm sorry for your friend's loss.
    When is your birthday?? We all want to know! :)

  7. Happy Belated Birthday to you sweet Mary!!! So sorry I'm so late. I feel like such a loser!!! Sure hope it was as special as you are!!!


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