Monday, October 15, 2012

easy Tuesday Sun Up

E is for early morning....
A is for AWESOME!    Here is my mountain greeting in the morning.  About 6:40

S is for Simply Beautiful Morning View

Here it is, 7:10...about.   Ha. I was not really awake.  I know I love the sunrise, however the time of day is secondary.  
My first thought:  Wake up!
Second though:  Get to work on time! 
Third thought:  Oh what a wonderful morning greeting!

Picture 1 is a zoom shot from my house.
No. 2 is a zoom from the parking lot at work. 

Y is for year's the days get shorter, I will already be in work, missing this view.

Homage to sunrise; alas think of the day's you were asleep when this was happening.   

Note to self:  Wake up early to enjoy the sunrise.

Do you like to wake up early to be ahead of your day?
Do you enjoy sunrise or sunset?
When was the last time you watched the sunrise?

Merry waking, Mary

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  1. Awesome Maria Louisa!!! I love that mountain. Always have -- always WILL! My computer is now cooking with gas, except still when I try Anita's. I probably still have memory issues. Hahahaha, my computer has amnesia, too?

  2. I would love to have that view from my house. Breathtaking!

  3. What a fabulous view Mary. Great photos. I last saw the sunrise this morning. My dog woke me up early. But at least the spring weather is warming up.

  4. Your sunrise photo is beautiful! It's mostly dark, cold, and rainy when I wake up to walk my dog these days...

  5. Lieben Gruß und einen glücklichen Tag

  6. Both photos are great; I especially love the colour on the second one!

  7. Nice view. I'm an early riser...5:30 am. And I do catch the sunrise quite often as it is so pretty coming up over the lake.

  8. Oh Mary, I am not sure which I love most, but I guess it is evident: I LOVE SUNRISE because it is a new day. Sunset is awesome, because we can put away our troubles and sleep them away. But sunrise has always been my favorite part of the day, especially as a early rising go in and start all over again.


  9. Wow, aren't you blessed to have that kind of view each morning?!?! Beautiful! Love sunsets but not wild about getting up early enough to see the sunrise. I am most definitely NOT a morning person!:-)

  10. I love to wake up early to see the sun rise. It's easier for me to do this in the spring/summer than in the fall/winter though.

  11. I'm sure you already know that morning is my favorite time of day and when the day starts I'm out walking. I get to see the sun rise every day. : )

  12. You do have beautiful scenery out there. I wake up at 6am - is that ahead or behind the day? What time do you get up?

  13. I'm not an early riser, but if I have to I can. :) I'm usually up by 7 or 7:30. I also tend to be a night owl and I need to stop it. I know a set schedule is better for so many things, including my weight. :) Good reason for me to follow a schedule!

  14. At my age I see the sun rise AND set. :) I think early mornings are my favorite...especially if there is fog or a haze.

  15. What a gorgeous mountain view!!! I saw one of the most beautiful sunrises today. The sky looked like an ocean of pink and orange! I took a couple photos with my cell phone, but they didn't do it justice.

    I hope you are having a good week, Mary!!!


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