Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fab Fri

1st....I am enjoying 2 days of Fall Recess.  The weather is beautiful and I am going to lunch each day with a friend.

2nd....Although the garden has stopped production, I opened a small honeydew melon, to find it was ripe and delicious!   Here is half, complete with seeds...."smile melon."  What a gardening surprise, a first.

3rd.... This one is not a super celebration...but I finally had a customer service rep at a large institution, With Financial responsibilities...give me answers in less the 29 minutes.  So it may be easier to make the mortgage payment.
Now, on a lighter note....

4th... I discovered some lovely cutting boards at Costco (no, they did not ask me to say this)...I just love these.  The underside has soft gripper dots that dd says they look like lego boards.

5th...I took this picture at sunset...the clouds let a sliver of sunset glow reflect on the mountain. 

The nicest thing about this picture; it was taken on October 11th, our parents anniversary.   
October 11 always brings happy thoughts to me.

What anniversaries are favorites for, event, continued rememberence?
Do you have a favorite kitchen prep item?
Have you enjoyed lunch out, lately?

Merry Friday,  Mary


  1. Lovely shot of the mountain! I think I enjoy birthdays the best. I like making folks feel special on "their day"! I went to lunch with my daughter and granddaughter last week and had dinner with a friend recently to celebrate our Sept birthdays. My Hubby and I go out to eat, but he doesn't enjoy it as much as I do. So, I try to find others to join me.

  2. Lieben Gruß aus goldenem Herbst

  3. Such happy shots and I enjoyed them all. Especially the mountain glow. Have a great time on your lunch dates! Sounds fun. :) My anniversary is almost here, Oct 27, so I guess that's one I look forward to.

  4. that mountain view is just amazing!! i think any day that their is a reason to celebrate is a grand old day. anniversaries, birthdays ...whatever it maybe. when my hubby & i 1st meet he was so shocked at how my family would celebrate his big day. it is all in what you find fun & enjoyable. who doesn't love a party or going out to eat. even bring in a meal for the evening. ha. ha!! (:

  5. Lovely reading about all those 'good things' Mary :-) Glad to hear that you're spending the recess time catching up with friends; it's always lots of fun! Love that view of the mountain too...such a pretty view you have there.

  6. Such lovely shots and I enjoyed them all....
    the mountain glow is so lovely..
    Have a great time on your lunch dates...sounds so much fun...
    Love cucki xxx

  7. Beautiful mountain view!!
    I think my favorite kitchen gadget would be the pampered chef apple corer peeler.
    Actually I was supposed to have lunch with a friend today but she had to cancel - we made a date for next week.
    I must admit anniversaries and birthdays don't really mean all that much to me.
    I think every day is special. : )

  8. Oh my sister! Such a cleaver and fun post you've got here! Love the melon, the cutting boards and the lunch dates. Hope you have nice time OFFFF!

  9. What a beautiful color on the mountain. Those cutting boards look nice...I am due for a new one....I would have to say my favorite prep item is my Frank...LOL he does a wonderful precise job of preparing everything.

  10. Those are cool looking cutting boards. Oh, and I ADORE Costco! Have a fun filled weekend, Mary!

  11. Lovely shot of the mountain- wish I could see that out my back door! Have a fantastic Friday!!

  12. Good morning Mary!

    Everything you share here is part of the joy of the new season and I share the joy with you. HAPPY FRIDAY! Anita

  13. Love that mountain view Mary! I'm not much on birthdays or anniversaries either. Maybe it's age? I do remember the birthdays of the grandchildren though. Enjoy your friendship time! Friends take and deserve time.

  14. Adorei foto do melão cortado.Linda ! E as placas pra cortar alimentos, parecem ótimas! Gostei a última foto com a eve também! beijos,chica

  15. five great facts, three great captures!

  16. I love honeydew melon, yummmy! Lovely post and the mountain scene is gorgeous. Great capture. Wishing you a happy weekend!

  17. I grew cantaloupes one year and they were awesome. I need to do that again. :)

  18. Lindas imagens, entre descobertas e paisagens deslumbrantes...Um abraço!

  19. Mary,

    Gosto muito de almoçar com amigas, mas aqui na Nova Zelândia não tem esse costume. Sinto falta disso.
    O melão está sorrindo e com uma cara de ser muito delicioso.
    Lindas imagens.
    Deixo meu abraço e o desejo de um lindo final de semana.

  20. Maria, antes de ver o melão em tamanho grande ele se parecia com um prato de porcelana pintado, só depois vi o melão! Muito lindo e linda a foto da montanha com sol! Beijos do Brasil!

  21. Sweet Mary!

    THANK YOU so much for coming over today and for your kind words. Creativity is a gift that helps take our mind off other things and helps us focus. I wish you a restful weekend! I have a substitute teaching job for Monday to teach a middle school physics class......I AM A FRENCH TEACHER! AHHHHH! This will be a first for me and probably for those students!!! Anita

  22. Calling by from the Greenday meme, good to met you and browse your blog.

    1. Me again to say thanks for the lovely surprise this am when I discovered you are now following Travel Tales. I do hope you will find it of interest and maybe my other blogs as well. I am returning the compliment and will also add you to my Around the World blog list on News From Italy.

  23. lunch everyday with d=friends...oh lucky you!!! sounds like heaven!!
    yes, we just refinanced our mortgage...2.75% crazy!!

  24. Great shots - majestic mountains are so glorious!

  25. I love your very own mountain.So wonderful!Your melon makes My mouth water,fruit out of your own garden,how lovely.Denise

  26. honeydews...yummo, one of my favorites!!

    pretty mountain!!

  27. the melon looks wonderful. that mountain looks 'cool' (we have a/c weather here again today).

  28. As a teacher, I totally get how lovely and rare it is to have a leisurely lunch out! Hooray for that! And I've just been thinking I could use new cutting boards...

  29. I would love it if you would join me in linking up at my weekly Clever Chicks Blog Hop:

    I hope you can make it!
    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick


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