Monday, October 1, 2012

Schools Rule easy

e      is for everyone

Everyone at my job is gearing up for parent teacher night. 
   Ours is also, parent, teacher and student....sometimes little sister and grandpa, conference. 
 All are welcome. 
 OK, now here is a secret...some of my 200 students are as yet not thoroughly identifiable by I have to ask subtle questions...what is your last name?  or what class period are you in? while I race ahead on the seating chart to catch a name.  Oh yes.  It is true.  
Some of you teachers are going to laugh at me...but it's true.

No, this is not me...nor my students, only a facsimile of such.

a     is for all.
 Even though I do not know each name, I know the behaviors of all of them!

s       is  for student 

I'm reminded of a movie I recently saw, in which an adult asks a 10 year old if she likes kids.....she replied that was not a fair one ever asks young people,  'do you like adults'.   Haahahahaaa.
 I do like children, my students, people in general.  
I guess that's good because I will have a huge dose of adults this week at P T Conference.

y       is for youthful glee.

Some times the youthful glee is over the top,  a bit too much.  
But it's so great when it is place into student learning.    
One reason I enjoy my job!

No, not my student....but he sure looks like he could be.

Do you go to parent teacher conferences?
Any good stories of such?

Do you remember waiting in anticipation for your parents to return from PC conferences to see what they were going to say to you?  good or bad?

Merry learning, Mary

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