Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Lights

Here is a glimps of the Christmas lights in Salt Lake City.

The little smiling girl is dd.

I know you cannot really see her very, trust me, she's a cutie.

When I drive along and see a greatly, 'Griswaldish' Christmas, decorated place, especially one that I am not expecting to see, in a new place, new area of my driving adventures, I think of my brother.   He was developmentally challenged particularly in speech.  

So...a few years ago, as we drove together somewhere, during this lovely holiday time,  we came upon a brightly lit house.   
He said.." ooo, "  in a rapid, quick succession. 
Most of us would yell...oh, look at those lights... 
or, wow, look at that one!!

Now this year, without him, when we drive past a super decorated spot, I do the ooo,  ooo,  ooo's in his honor. 
Love him, love the lights.

I love these voices...and someone made a very nice composite of Christmas city sidewalks.

What do you love most for the city decorations?
What is your favorite city at Christmas?

Merry city lights,  Mary 


  1. M! such a nice harmony version of Bing [was that Doris Day, too?] singing Silver Bells. shanks!

    our cute brother's ooo- ooo- ooo was so fun to hear. i'm glad we can imitate it to show our love for him.


  2. Beautiful shots of the lights! That's some Christmas spirit!

  3. She is a cute girl! That's so sweet about your know, I do that too!!! And I want to teach M that as well. We need to enjoy all of life's simple pleasures and beauty.

  4. Oh Mary, this is so fabulous. We have NO SNOW yet and it just does NOT feel like Christmas, and many of us here don't have lights up yet. Seeing these images is fun and festive and I THANK YOU for coming to feel, hear and see the Latin version of an old classic!

    I was just thinking of you this morning, then there was your comment! I do that a lot; I will be thinking of a blogger and then suddenly, there they are!

    HAPPY DAY! Anita

  5. Love those lights. We usually go look at these lights down the backroads every year - they are really great!

  6. We don't have such wonderful lights in England, usually. That house is really something!

  7. So pretty!! Love seeing all the festive lights!! xo Heather

  8. I like nativities, white lights, poinsettias...and Bing Crosby! :-)

  9. I remember Gram taking me on the South Shore Line to Downtown Chicago. We would have lunch in the walnut room at Marshall Fields and look at all the special window displays. The train would stop right under the store. Not sure if it still does.
    Your rememberance of your brother is sweet.

  10. It would be nice to have lights all year round...they are so cheerful....I love Christmas.....

  11. Hi Mary, looks like ive stumbled across your blog. Any how very christmasy it is feeling this evening. I hope that you have the time to check out my photography blog when you have chance.
    Beautiful photos, Have a great weekend.

  12. As a child, we'd pile up in the car and Dad would drive us around the neighborhoods to view the Christmas lights on houses!! We loved it when neighborhoods would compete with each other and try to outdo the other!! Win! Win!! for us!!

  13. Mary,
    The lights are magical. This lit-up house is wonderful. There is a neighborhood in our town that is all decked out with lights, and me and my husband are going through there tonight with hot chocolate in our hands. Should be fun. I also enjoyed your snow pictures above. The snow just makes my heart sing.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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