Saturday, January 19, 2013


It is cold out!!

Not the Northern Minnesota, Manitoba, Maine, type.

I understand those places  to be even colder then it is here.

It's the Utah, cold enough for me, cold type of cold out. 

Temperatures have been in the teens, and 20's...and colder at night. 

I love finding my way home after work,  to crawl into warm, cozy items...and I love my woolen afghan.

I know wool can irritate, but I even love the slight "scratchy" feel. 

And the very best of all, my grandmother made  it!  I remember  as a child, watching her knit.

This is not mine...but I would love to have this one, too.

As for blankets.

Do you have a favorite warm snuggling type blanket?

Did you make it, or someone dear to you?

Are you the person that doesn't sit, if you're to cold you start getting the body moving in order to warm up?

Merry warming and winter playing,  


  1. I LOVE that blanket too@! And if it makes you feel better the last blog I read was from Canada and she said they news said it was the coldest place on earth yesterday! Have a good weekend.

  2. How special that you have a blanket from your grandmother. Bet it makes you feel extra cozy. It gets in the 30s here at night so I usually put a heating pad in the bed, getting it started before I even get in. It's toasty warm that way!

  3. OH! COLD IS COLD! We are out here in Minneapolis Mary, but this year we are having warmer days with NO SNOW! Strange....but I hear ya about the cold. I am a native Californian and anything below 32 starts to become the moment I add more clothing!

    SOON my dear, SOON we shall all be posting on our garden adventures!

    Thank you so much for coming by to visit! Anita

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog...owww whwta a sweettie in the in Holland we have also lots of

  5. Wow so much snow :) I love it and the blanket is so for you x

  6. Hi Mary,

    Love all the beautiful white snow and the cozy blanket.
    Wish I could send over a little of our sun and heat your way.

    Have a great weekend

  7. We have -- had and it's coming back -- the same weather. I curl up in an afghan my mother made and all's right with the world.

  8. We have a couple of those blankets from our grandmothers too. They're wonderful.

    Thanks for asking about the job. I'm still waiting to be cleared on background for the job I want - hoping to hear something soon! It takes a while for all that stuff to go through.

  9. I love the crocheted afghans but my favorite lap quilt is one my cousin made for me. It's not as cold here though! Happy weekend!

  10. Oh what a pretty blanket. I have quite a few afghans around the house that I've made. I've also given so many away that I can't even guess how many.

    If I'm outside and it's cold I have to keep moving to stay warm but inside I like to sit with an afghan and read a book.

  11. It certainly sounds cold there in SLC Mary! Of course in my part of the world we're sweltering in summer temperatures in the 90s F and even into the 100s. Stay warm; I love it that you still have something that your grandma made.xx

  12. I love to knit and for me it's all about the gorgeous colors and textures. But, there is nothing better than coming in out of the cold to snuggle up in a sweet blanket that reminds you of someone special and keeps you toasty. I have a blanket that heats up, but it is just lap size. My mom gave it to me several years ago when I started my blog, so that I could keep warm when I sat to write. She recently passed, so it is an especially poignant memory to me now.

  13. hahahaha, Yes I managed to save $99 dollars! So where is it? Do you have it? Do I? Who has it?

  14. and ...cute post of this punkin in blue being sledded.

  15. Bright colors help on these frigid Winter days. I have a old quilt that is my favorite to snuggle up in. Store bought...but still a snuggle favorite.


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