Sunday, February 17, 2013

Clunk, Sputter, Cough

So several weeks back my computer died.
Revived now with
New Hard Drive.

I began afresh.
My internet died.

Did I not pay the bill?

I did, yet,
4 days without service..humph!

Did I tell you I teach school.  It becomes my


from time to time.

In the deep heart of the winter
I become the "teacher that time forgot."
forgot the time.

Now....the cat keeps asking to go out.
She thinks Spring is near.  (Yes, it warmed up to 46˚ yesterday!)

Did I mention the flu?
I am recovering from flu.

To keep this post bug free...I will not transport my cough to you. Promise!

This is a wish'n for summer revival photo.  My daughter is the darling one without a hat.

 What do you do to help get through the ughs of winter dulls?

Have you ever paddled on a river?

Would you wear a hat if you hair was that cute?

Please go wish my sister, Renae, a Happy Birthday today....  many of you know her and she will love to hear from you.

Merry winter,  Mary


  1. I have a wishing for spring photo up on my blog yesterday. I'm just holding on until the spring. Please come quick, dear springtime!

  2. Good to see you back
    Was wondering how you were

    Sorry to hear about the flu

    Roll on springtime!!


  3. I've missed you! Hopefully Spring weather will be there shortly. Autumn (Fall) starts here March 1.

  4. I wondered where you were - glad to see you back. sandie

  5. Glad to see you back. Sorry to hear you had the flu - not fun!!
    I just keep on walking!! : ) I love it in all kinds of weather except ice!
    I've not paddled on a river, just a lake where it's nice and calm. : )

  6. Welcome back. I thought something must have been up.
    I have paddled on a river. I've also floated down a river on an inner tube.
    I love the photo.

  7. Glad to see you back Mary! I grew up on the banks of what you would probably call a river but we just called a 'crick', so anything legal or moral which could be done on, in, or near water I've probably done more than once, lol.

    Oh I am impatiently waiting for spring.

  8. Thanks Mary !!!! and a lot off greatings from de Netherlands !!!!

  9. Hi Mary hope you feel better soon, nothing like flu to make you feel under the weather. Yes love white water rafting!

  10. Well, so good to see you again. Sorry for all the obstacles to blogging and life in general. Hopefully you'll have a smooth road from here on out. Thanks for telling us about dear Renae's birthday!

  11. I was wondering where you'd been! Hope things ease up for you!

  12. Glad your got triple whammed with The flu, computer and internet service. :( I paddled once only once on a river and no...if I was as cute as your hat for me :)

  13. I hate computer problems and internet issues. Sounds like they should give you a credit of some sorts. Grrr...I am sorry that you've had the flu. NO FUN! Get better soon. I hope that warmer days come soon for you and you get your energy back.

    So good to see you here. Your daughter is beautiful! Are you in this photo too? :)

    I get the blahs sometimes this time of year. It's gotten better, but it seems like after Christmas I have a bit of a letdown...and January isn't always my favorite month. I am looking forward to springtime, even though we've had a pretty mild winter.

    Hope you have a good week!


  14. Hope you've been surviving the winter okay Mary! havent' seen much of you lately... time to come out of hibernation :D

  15. MARY!!!!!!!!

    YOU ARE BACK! Oh, this is exciting! You had way too much going on with the setback of your computer, but to have the flu too? Well climb on board Madame Rivera's train to FRANCE!

    I am thrilled that you want to join. OK, I am putting your name on the list and on the day the party starts, your name and link will appear on my blog. Come to my blog next week for more details and also on the day of the party and start linking and visiting!

    Merci and I wish you a great teaching week! Anita

  16. Oh hi! I see you are back, but NO new post? What's up with that? hahahahhaha. Thank you for the nice comment.

  17. Computer woes are the worst. I have them chronically! Yes, I would and am wearing a hat to my son's graduation on Saturday. We will be 3 long hours in the sun. Cute or not it's a necessity. Cute will be a nice side effect though.

  18. Mary.....the France party has begun. Are you still participating? Please let me know because you link is live on my blog today! Anita

  19. Hi Mary I came to visit you from Anita's.
    I hope you enjoy the French Adventure and come visit me!
    I'll be back!

    Art by Karena

  20. Hi Mary, Visiting from Anita's party. i'm so sorry you are suffering through the flu, internet problems and pc problems. Life is sometimes frustrating.
    I am recovering from a recent surgery to remove a cancerous mass. It's been a pleasure to visit your blog. Get well soon....Linda


  21. Glad your got triple whammed with The flu, computer and internet service

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  22. I love the photo, your daughter is pretty. It reminds me that spring is coming soon. I hope! I hope you are feeling better now, take care. Enjoy your new week, Happy March!

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