Sunday, February 17, 2013

Clunk, Sputter, Cough

So several weeks back my computer died.
Revived now with
New Hard Drive.

I began afresh.
My internet died.

Did I not pay the bill?

I did, yet,
4 days without service..humph!

Did I tell you I teach school.  It becomes my


from time to time.

In the deep heart of the winter
I become the "teacher that time forgot."
forgot the time.

Now....the cat keeps asking to go out.
She thinks Spring is near.  (Yes, it warmed up to 46˚ yesterday!)

Did I mention the flu?
I am recovering from flu.

To keep this post bug free...I will not transport my cough to you. Promise!

This is a wish'n for summer revival photo.  My daughter is the darling one without a hat.

 What do you do to help get through the ughs of winter dulls?

Have you ever paddled on a river?

Would you wear a hat if you hair was that cute?

Please go wish my sister, Renae, a Happy Birthday today....  many of you know her and she will love to hear from you.

Merry winter,  Mary

Monday, January 21, 2013

Cold Finding Warmth

Now, these make me feel warmer.   Photo is by my d d, and she did such a good job taking warm pictures for later.

This one, though very unclear, is a sea turtle in Hawaii.  They are protected and I think it's great she was able to get this shot.

More warmth of pictures to make up for the cold weather here,  burrrrrrrh.


Are you warm and cozy as you read this?

Have you had a swim in warm waters as of late?

Perhaps Australians have enough warmth for now?

Merry warmth where ever you are,


Saturday, January 19, 2013


It is cold out!!

Not the Northern Minnesota, Manitoba, Maine, type.

I understand those places  to be even colder then it is here.

It's the Utah, cold enough for me, cold type of cold out. 

Temperatures have been in the teens, and 20's...and colder at night. 

I love finding my way home after work,  to crawl into warm, cozy items...and I love my woolen afghan.

I know wool can irritate, but I even love the slight "scratchy" feel. 

And the very best of all, my grandmother made  it!  I remember  as a child, watching her knit.

This is not mine...but I would love to have this one, too.

As for blankets.

Do you have a favorite warm snuggling type blanket?

Did you make it, or someone dear to you?

Are you the person that doesn't sit, if you're to cold you start getting the body moving in order to warm up?

Merry warming and winter playing,  

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cold and Snow

This is an out-of-doors picture similar to what we are seeing as of late.

And this is what I want to put onto my feet as soon as I get home.

I know they do not look great, but they feel so.

I have my computer back with a new hard drive!

It has some I'm working on that.  I'll be over to visit you again, now.

Merry cozy weather,  Mary

Monday, December 31, 2012

Oh, no computer!

This is a very quick hello....and so sorry to be missing all of you.  My computer is broken....I expect about another week.  Booooo hoooo      Happy New Year and love to you.    Mary

Monday, December 17, 2012

Three Kings

Here is a fun visual with great music.  
I like these musicians very much.  I love the message of the wise men paying respect and honor to the new born Christ.

Our nativity program was rained out tonight.  For most Decembers the precipitation is snow!
This is much different.  

A happy item of the day was:  my little neighbor boy from church came with his cute mom, and gave me a Christmas gift.  He is soooooooo cute.

Have your received any super gifts thus far?

Have your given any wonderful gifts thus far? (And I do not mean a teens super extravagant wish for delux electronics, hahahahaaaaa)

Merry gift giving, Mary

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Newer Snow

google images

This is a lovely winter day here.  
We have new snow again.  
(The roads are clear, so the slip and slide factor is low!)

 I love the snow for Christmas.  I think that stems from childhood memories of playing in the snow.  
I loved that as a kid. 
We played out of doors until hands were so cold we had to give up and go indoors.

google images

I think of God's knowledge of and love for all his children.  
The tragedy of Connecticut is some of the pain the Savior took upon himself. 
 I offer my prayers in their behalf.

Play the you tube here for  Oh, Emmanuel  for a wonderful rendition of Christmas music.

The Piano Guys

 Merry Christmas,

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